You’re much nicer than the other guy


Yup. Some knucklehead actually said that to me on a traffic stop yesterday. I started laughing. Out loud.

MC (after filling out cite): Ok, I just need you to sign the highlited yellow portion.
Violator: Man, you are much nicer than that other guy.
MC: Which other guy?
V: The other motorcycle guy.
MC: Really?!?
V: Oh yeah. That guy is a son of a bitch. Mother fucker.
MC (laughing): Older guy? Younger guy?
V: Younger guy. Looks like his face his crammed into his helmet.
MC (still laughing): Honestly, it’s usually the other way around.

My partner is quite a patient guy. He’ll stop and explain things on a stop for much longer than I would. He rarely (if ever) gets complaints. I’ve no interest in selling my cites and I’m not a PR guy, so I’m usually pretty straightforward. “You did XYZ. Please sign here.” On occasion, I’ll get into a little more detail, but only if the driver has a good attitude. I’ve been accused of being curt and/or short (not height wise, by the by). Neither of which is a violation of policy. I’m not in the business of holding your hand and making you feel better about getting a ticket.

All of this is not to say my partner does any of those things, mind you, he’s just a more gregarious guy with folks on a stop. Consequently, I found it monumentally entertaining that my driver called him a s.o.b. and a mother fucker. He must have really pissed off my partner.

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  1. OK, MC, we all want to know…… he got you to laugh, did you tear up the cite?


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