Your patience is appreciated

In the last couple of weeks, things have vastly changed in the ‘ol MC household. Baby MC is now a week old (how the hell did a week go by some damn fast?) and I’m adjusting (admirably, if I do say so myself) to being a Daddy of two. That, coupled with battling a cold and the repeatedly mentioned OT, has found me behind the eight ball a bit with regard to the blog and correspondence.

Last month found my blog hits blown up after the MSN article. A large number of you have commented and emailed me questions. I always appreciate the comments (at least the non-All Cops are Pigs ones) and a vast number of your questions will be answered in the Weekly Question Posts that will be forthcoming.
Some of the questions either have been answered before or are too detailed for a post answer. I’ll get to you as time allows. Matter of fact, I still owe Karl an email from about six weeks ago or so (see, I haven’t forgotten!). I just wanted to take the time to say thanks again and let you all know I read all my emails and will try to respond when I can.
Thanks for understanding and, again, thanks for reading!

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic. Snark is encouraged. Being a prat is not.

12 thoughts on “Your patience is appreciated

  1. MC,
    I don't remember who the author of this quote is, but the quote goes something along the lines of: "while the saddest occasions in life are the ones that decrease the size of the family, the happiest occasions are the ones that see the family size grow."

    Congratulations to you and The Wife. A very happy occasion indeed.

  2. mc,

    as one of your new readers, no apology is needed. also being a father of two (youngest 7 mos.) i understand how it cuts into blogging time.

    Thanks for your great stories, keep up the good work and stay safe.

    from a non cop, fan of law enforcment.

  3. MC, First congratulations on the birth of your child. Hope it's healthy and your family happy. Haven't been by your blog in quite a while cause I seem to remember getting pissed off about something…just can't remember what. But I forgive you your transgression and have returned to hopefully contribute positively and with some manner of wit.
    So here's my question; how much training does CPD or whoever you work for require with your side arms? Do you have to qualify yearly? I ask because I occasionally shoot with people who at least claim to be cops and I gotta tell you, the marksmanship displayed is underwhelming. Not for a lack of enthusiasm, just don't seem to have a grasp of the basics. I know there are cops who could out shoot me,(I put somewhere between 8000-9000 rounds downrange yearly) but haven't run into one yet. Is it something not stressed by leadership? Is it the expense of ammo during a crappy economy or just a lack of mapower prevents enough emphasis? Or am I just talking out my dirthole?

  4. All cops are pigs!….. Attention whore. LOL. Hope that new (cute) poop machine keeps you awake all night and when you do get some sleep you have nightmares about 20001 CVC. (Thats felony hit and run….So Im told)

    Embrace the pig in you, I have, and words do hurt anymore Mr sensitive sissy boy!!

    Congrats on the little one!

  5. The adjustment to two was hard for us. Our second is now three months old and we're sort of on top of it. Just keep going. 🙂 Congratulations again.

  6. MC,

    Congrats on the addition to your family. I miss the times when my daughters were so very little.


  7. Hey MC,

    I've got a question for you, when you have time. What do you think of the iPhone app "Trapster" that alerts the driver when they're approaching a "speed trap" or police officer?

    Thanks & Congrats on the little one!

  8. Atticus & Sophie…

    Excellent questions both! Do me a favor and email me with them so I can answer within a post as opposed to in the comment section…if you don't mind!


  9. Dude I can't help it, hope you'll forgive me…but a cop with a cold…sure it's not Swine Flu?

  10. Atticus…

    How could I not forgive you? That is hilarious. I'm actually shocked it hadn't come up sooner! Well played…

  11. MC,
    …and here I thought you'd forgotten or disregarded my email!

    I'm touched…

    But new baby, older sibling, and Mama should always come first… and in all honesty, you owe me nothing.

    Congratulations on the new addition!

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