Your concern is our amusement

Yesterday, the following call was dispatched:

PR says there is a 5 yr old child being driven on a motorcycle by an adult…last seen heading downtown on 123 Ave. The child has a helmet, PR concerned about the child if the adult crashed.

Let’s take a minute to digest that one…

How many problems do you see with this detail? I humbly submit my list.

1. PR is anonymous (that is a whole separate post).
2. PR apparently doesn’t give a shit about the adult if the adult crashed.
3. PR said nothing about any kind of irresponsible/dangerous riding.
4. There is no CVC regarding age restrictions for m/c passengers.
5. It is a possibility the PR was driving whilst using a cell phone (possibly further putting the child in danger…although this is complete conjecture).
6. This is in no way a police matter. There is no crime. There is no violation. You might as well call in and say you are concerned the sun is shining and further damaging your skin with it’s heinous UV rays.

It’d be one thing if the child was precariously holding on or the rider was being unsafe in some matter or the kid wasn’t wearing a helmet, but none of those things appear to have occurred. Per the detail, the PR’s only concern was potential injury to the child if the adult crashed.

So, please, folks. I’m not trying to dissuade you from calling the police. Just think first.

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10 thoughts on “Your concern is our amusement

  1. I'm amazed I wasn't called to chase down a reported safety violation. Wouldn't be the first time. If only I was legally allowed to call them back on their "anonymous" phone and tell them off.

  2. I ask you… is there any law on the books about the position of said passenger on the bike? I would assume (and we all know what THAT means) that passengers ride behind the driver/licensed operator of the bike.

    I ask because on my way home from taking one extremely good-looking motorcop lunch, I saw a young child on a motorcycle in the front position with the adult leaning over them. I have to admit, it did strike me as odd. The child looked to be about 4 or 5.

    I wonder if perhaps, the PR saw the same thing and thought it was against the rules. Just wondering what the ACTUAL rules were in this matter.

  3. Falls on the Sgt for letting those calls get dispatched, get rid of the garbage so guys can work

  4. Chris…unfortunately, in our dept., the Sgt. has no control over dispatch. He had the same reaction the rest of us did.

    Wife…thanks for lunch. And, to the best of my knowledge, there is no law regarding where a passenger must sit. I would assume the 'safety' of your example would be in the eye of the beholder (me). I'd say if the kid is young and the rider appears safe, no worries…if it's a 50 yr old passenger in front, probably not the same situation.

  5. Talking about cell phones, most of the people I pass on the freeway on my bike has a cell phone to their ear. The others are trying to text or dial and are all over the road, until they see this one mean motor cop staring at them……

  6. And "PR" means?

    As well, we have a little possessive violation on our hands here: "it's heinous UV rays."

    Its heinous UV rays. The possessive form of the pronoun does not have an apostrophe; the contraction does (it is=it's), as in "it's time to learn this rule taught in grammar school."

    I'll let you go this time with only a warning due to your pithy use of the word "heinous."

  7. I don't think I'd have even bothered going if they said the 5 year old was riding the motorbike. They were wearing a helmet afterall. I'd have gone if they said the pillion passenger was a hot naked blonde – you know, just to make sure she wasn't getting a chill or anything.

  8. Stud…I appreciate the pass. I tend to confuse that one for some odd reason. Kinda like when to use an "e" at the end of potato.

    PR = Person Reporting (can also be seen as RP)

    Inspector…I can only say you are a concerned and caring man. Bless you.

  9. Sounds like a crabby ex-wife calling to report her ex took their child on his bike and she didn't like it…

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