You are cordially invited

It occurred to me recently that I’ve gotten a few Law Enforcement related questions in the comments section. I’ve tried to answer them as best as I could, but how many of you read the comments? Who knows.

So, I’ve decided to institute a new feature here at “If you got stopped…”. I invite you to email questions, traffic related or more general Law Enforcement, to me at As it stands now, I don’t think I’ll set any kind of limitations on the questions, except for the aforementioned topics. That is to say, feel free to ask specific CVC related questions (e.g. is there a law against driving with no shoes on? I’ll save you the time….no.) or more vague procedural questions (e.g. why do some cops approach a car on the left vs. the right side).

Your only limitation is your imagination. Although I shudder to think what the fuck North State DA will come up with. Let me go ahead and preempt you, DA….YOU’RE A FUCKING LAWYER…FIGURE IT OUT!! Who else feels better?

I’ll start out with a weekly post, let’s say on Saturdays. I’ll post the question and give the best answer I can based on my training and experience and, I suppose, the law (whatever).

It’s now on you to make it happen, people! Mobilize! Oh, and did I mention the fantastic weekly prize for the lucky selection? I didn’t?! That’s cause I’m on a budget! Geez, I give and I give….

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic. Snark is encouraged. Being a prat is not.

12 thoughts on “You are cordially invited

  1. Hello, I just ran across your blog. Thanks for all that you do, and thanks for the blog. My wife's cousin was a motor in a large Bay Area city (now promoted out), and this helps give me an idea of what he used to do.

  2. Just a PSA for your loyal readers:

    MC isn't berating some random blog reader when he calls out North State DA. They have a torrid past… much too torrid to go into details. (trust me)

  3. "Cordially invited" I thought there was going to be some kind of Motorcop BBQ. Where we can fly up, meet you, maybe make potato salad, ride on the bike, you know fun stuff.

    Now I just send you an email and you answer my questions? Fair exchange.


  4. Hmmm, a cop in NY once told me that if he stopped someone for say, speeding, and saw they were driving without shoes on, he could then fine them for 'dangerous operation of a motor vehicle'. Was he bullshitting blonde me or is that true, and I ask in light of your saying there's no "law" against it.

  5. Rebecca:

    He was screwing with you…most likely. I can only attest to CA law. This doesn't count as a new question. No riding my coattails! 🙂

  6. Haha…No, I'm not berating a random blog reader. I'm berating a Specific blog reader.

    It's okay, though. He's thick skinned and a soulless wretch. You know, like me!

    HM: Mmmmmmm. Potato salad.

  7. I hear alot of cops speaking about the "Lidar" verses "Radar". Whats the difference? Is there a difference? Where would you find a Lidar… verses Radar….. Is Lidar exclusive to Motorcops? or is it universally used?

    I know its a loaded question lol.

  8. I do not think I have ever seen a women Motor Cycle Cop. I know that there is no discrimination etc., but my question is are we talking about 1 in 100 motor cycle cops or 20 in 100?

    Also what about Motor Cycle Cops in other countries,
    ever get together with some from Canada or Mexico and is the MC cop culture relative to the non-MC cops the same?

  9. Wish I read this yesterday when Mr. Citizen called asking why they stopped him for running a red light last week (He told me he was white). Then asked why the black man that just ran a red light in front of 2 cop cars didn't get stopped.

    It's simple sir, those 2 officers are responding to a call where a woman is being beating up. It trumps the red light runner at this time.

    Great blog! Keep it up!

  10. I know there are quite a few female motorcycle officers in Southern California at various agencies.

  11. Bus Driver, if MC will permit me to answer your Q as one of his fellow motors from a neighboring agency,
    radar uses radio waves to measure speed, radar stands for RAdio Detection And Ranging. Lidar uses light, specifically a laser beam to measure speed and distance. The term Lidar stands for LIght Detection and Ranging.

    Lidar is not exclusive to motorcops, car cops (we jokingly refer to them as 'carfags') may use Lidar as well, provided they have had the training course. However lidar is a relatively new technology compared to radar, so radar is still more prevalent in its use in my opinion.

  12. Edi–

    Yes there are female motorcops. They are a rarity, however they do exist. I would estimate, and this is just a SWAG (Scientific Wild Ass Guess) that less than 1% of motorcops are female. I base this on how many I have seen at police funerals etc.

    Why so few? Part of it is physical, shorter females (and males for that matter) can't ride motors because you need to have at least both balls of your feet to touch the ground when astride the bike, so this obviously eliminates a portion of officers immediately. The other part of it is motorcops have to have humongous egos, and I think that naturally lends itself to more males being motorcops, since we generally think we are better than we really are more than females do.

    And get with the lingo–its MOTORCOPS, not motor cycle cops…sheesh! 🙂

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