Wilkommen Bienvenue Welcome

Here it is…the new and improved blog!

Your buddies at HMHQ and here at MC’s place have worked like fiends (at least HM did…but every project needs a supervisor, right?) to revamp the blog. There’s obviously some new features and more to come as we work out the kinks. At the top and to the right, you’ll see the obvious and complicit links to facebook, twitter, email contact, and the RSS feed. To access any of them, just click away! At the beginning of each post, in the upper right corner, is the new comment link. At the bottom of each post, there is a link to share that particular post on facebook and/or twitter. Feel free to make a comment, shoot me an email, tweet, fb, or pharbingle (okay…who thought that last one was real?) me and let me know what you think of the new design!

I’m still working on the schwag shop with the Wife, but it’ll be coming soon! You’ll also notice a slide show to the right. At the moment, I’ve just got the pics from the old blog. I really want to add to the slide show in the future, so here’s what I was thinking…if you’re a current LEO, send me a photo of you in action (be it in the car, at the range, or with your fellow officers). If you’re also a Motor, shoot me a picture of you and your motor or your whole damn motor unit and I’ll put it in the slide show! If you’re neither of these things, see if you can get a photo with a local copper. Offer a nice cuppa in exchange for a picture…then tell him/her about your buddy, MC!
I literally could not have done any of this without my good friend, Happy Medic. Those of you that know Happy are aware that he is doing big things in the EMS world. I encourage you all to take a gander at his page and his cohorts over at the Chronicles of EMS. As busy as he is, he still made time for me and my silly little blog. Thanks, brother, for taking the time to help a computer neophyte out and making the blog purty!
Posting has been spotty of late and for that, I apologize. I’ve been spending more of my energies in the creative process of design as opposed to writing. That and I’ve been a lazy bastard. Mostly, the bastard part. At any rate, I’ve been getting some excellent emails lately with some good questions and I promise to get to them (be it in post or email) in short form.
So, with that, I bid you once again, welcome! I hope you all enjoy the new look. Thanks for the past couple years of encouragement and constant support. It’s because you folks read this stuff that I keep writing it with any kind of frequency. You’ve led me to some pretty cool insights, experiences, and opportunities.
Cheers and Enjoy….

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic. Snark is encouraged. Being a prat is not.

17 thoughts on “Wilkommen Bienvenue Welcome

  1. LOVE! the new blog look!! Very Sheek!!! And I don't have to read around those stars!!!!


  2. Good job MC! I'd love to post a picture of me and the Chief of our local PD, but it's not really clear how to do so….but still, love the look, feel and style of your new blog. Keep it up!

  3. Awwww…. You don't have the cutesy blog on the block anymore… Looks like we'll have to settle for badass… Love you.

  4. Great job, MC! I especially like the top graphic. Very cool.

    I'm glad you got rid of those stars that got in the way of your witty writings. Thanks for sharing your stories and insights with us "LEO Supporters." Keep safe.

  5. !!! This is awesome! I looove the new look. I'm all squee about it right now. Which is completely uncharacteristic. But having been around for a while, it's pretty cool to see the change. Admittedly, I was worried that it wasn't going to be as cool when you mentioned the dreaded word 'change.'

    But you, sir, have blown cool out of the water here.

    Good job by you and your team!

  6. Thinking of you today. A CHP motorcop died here in SoCal last night as a result of injuries caused by a careless driver who struck the officer while he was writing a citation. Be safe out there.

  7. It has a very nice look to it. Good job!

    By the way, my daughter wants a t-shirt and keeps after me to get one. Me, I just want a free coffee mug.

    Okay, maybe a free t-shirt too.


  8. I love the new blog too – I got a popup from my overzealous firewall software that said "this website is suspicious"…which made me laugh and laugh. I'd better keep an eye on it!

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