Why old people shouldn’t drive

I know I’ve ranted before about the elderly drivers and so forth. Today, however, I offer current events to support my theory. Here are three images to back me up…

***IMAGES DELETED*** (But trust me, they illustrated my point excellently)

The 85 yr old driver was parked in the handicapped stall. For unknown reasons, he put his car in reverse and stepped on the gas like he was trying to kill a roach. The vehicle shot backwards and hit a parked car. Witnesses stated he messed with the gear shift lever and hit the gas again, resulting in backing up and hitting a second parked car. Witnesses stated he again messed with the gear shift lever, tromped on the gas and shot forward in an arc, eventually entering the same stall he originally was parked in, jumped the curb and center punched a light pole, saving the wooden porch of a local business. A porch where people were sitting enjoying their lunch.

Think maybe he shouldn’t have a license? Neither do I. Oh…interesting addendum…his daughter was in the restaurant that the porch belonged to. She was in her 60’s or so. Here’s my question. Why the fuck wasn’t she the one driving!?!?!?!?!

Thankfully, there were no pedestrians inside Methuselah’s path of destruction, he wasn’t overly injured, and no one else was involved in the crash.

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5 thoughts on “Why old people shouldn’t drive

  1. Exact reason why I carry a slog of DMV Priority Re-Exam forms in my saddlebag.

  2. As a property manager, I can't tell you the amount of times an "old" person has driven through one of my storefronts (sadly, they haven't all been old).

  3. Hey, MC, I just discovered your blog recently, which is why I'm commenting on posts that are a year old. Hope that's ok. 😉

    I'm delighted and relieved to hear you don't cut old people who can't drive a break merely because they are old. I called 911 once while following a car that was weaving all over the road, repeatedly drifting into other lanes and several times almost hitting the guard rail on a bridge we went over. I told the dispatcher I thought the driver might be drunk.

    The cops caught up to us and had me pull over and wait while they went to talk to the driver (who was oblivious to their efforts to get her to stop, but finally parked on her own). Then the cop came back to me and said she wasn't drunk, it was just an old lady. Therefore they weren't going to do anything about it.

    I was horrified. IMHO that's worse than if she'd been drunk – that means she drives like this all the time!!

    But at least I know you would have done something about it if you'd been the one to stop her. Keep up the good work! 🙂

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