Why I’ll never be a Sgt.

I was working a little OT last nite, as I am wont to do. The following detail came out for the Sgt…

“PR adv’g there have been recent 459’s (burglaries) in her area and is upset that Town PD has not advd her of these crimes and wants to speak w/a Sgt.”

I listened while the Sgt. called this lady and very calmly and professionally explained to her the ins and outs of police work and how to protect herself from victimization, etc.

I, on the other hand, am not that patient a man. First off, let’s remember the unrelenting sense of entitlement we here in Town deal with on a daily basis. The arrogance of this woman is, based on the above, unreal. Gee, lady, I’m ever so sorry your personal police representative shirked his obvious responsibility of notifying you every time the police respond to any given crime (real or imagined) within a four mile radius of your home. I shall have him flogged forthwith.

Let me explain something to you. On swing shift there are three cops and one Sgt. for somewhere between 40,000 and 50,000 citizens. The sheer enormity of that ratio is ridiculous. If you think we have either the time, ability, or the inclination to advise everyone of them every time a house gets broken into, you live in the land of rainbows and fairies where money is replaced with hugs and all your dreamiest dreams become a reality. Wake up, bitches, this is the really real world and that simply ain’t possible. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Here’s an idea…why don’t you jump on the computer, buy a newspaper, watch your local news, or, oh I don’t know, TALK TO YOUR NEIGHBORS?!? Now, I didn’t speak directly to this lady, so I don’t know what her demeanor was. It’s hard to shake this particular tree-hugger of a Sgt., so I can’t guess what she was saying (and he refused to put it on speaker so we could listen in…pussy). Suffice it to say, met with the smallest little bit of attitude, my responses would have been far more, shall we say, curt?

And that’s why I’ll never promote…stupid mouth…

On a side note, this lady mentioned crimereports.com. There was another officer in the room and neither of us had ever heard of the site. Of course, we both jumped on-line and looked it up. Impressive. I pulled up the Town and saw that a residential burglary from the previous afternoon was already listed. So, there you go. You want to know what’s going on in your ‘hood? Hop on-line and look it up. Come to think of it, if this chick already knew about it, what the fuck was she bitching about. Idiot.

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7 thoughts on “Why I’ll never be a Sgt.

  1. " . . .you live in the land of rainbows and fairies where money is replaced with hugs and all your dreamiest dreams become a reality."

    Wait a minute- isn't that what Obama promised in his campaign?

  2. Is it ever difficult riding your motorcycle with that chip on your shoulder?

    You need to sign up for some anger management classes my friend.

    You might think you're letting off some steam with this blog, but I think it's much more telling about your own personal problems.

  3. I think "just passing through" should have skipped the pit stop and kept on going.

    Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!

  4. AaaaHHHHHhhhhh, memories…..
    I make 3x more money in private industry and don't have to listen to people bitch about the same things anymore. It's very peaceful.

  5. JPT
    What might be your personal problems? Motor is at least hilarious. Is the biggest decision of your day what sort of mocha to buy? Are you a psych student and practicing on this blog. How motor deals with being crapped on daily by the general public is his deal. You don't go to people's homes and crap on them in their home. Consider this blog Motor's home which means you're a guest. Now go home and shut the eff up!

  6. Hey JPT,

    Did you happen to call the station the other day and inquire about why you had not been updated on the recent crimes in your neighborhood? You must live in 'The Town'. If not, you would fit right in;)

    Motorcop is just telling like it is. Don't like it? Then move on to a more touchy feely blog…

  7. i may have an extensive criminal record over the last 20 yrs, but i do like and respect my local pd. lots of great guys! thanks for the link to the crime reports. i didnt realize my town had so many assaults and thefts. it really opened my eyes. keep up the good work and your blog is both informative and entertaining!

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