Why even I tend to like Firemen more than Cops…

It’s well established my Dad was a Firefighter for many, many moons. So, obviously, I have a proclivity to be pro-Fire. There is a time-honored tradition of a rivalry between Fire and Polices services. Good-natured, to be sure, but there nonetheless.

Having read some of Happy Medic’s recent posts regarding calls from the past, I am reminded of a detail from almost three years ago. It is not a pleasant incident, so read on with due caution.

It was a late summer/early fall day. I was fairly new on the motor. We in the Town happen to be share the same radio channel with other agencies, thus, we tend to keep tabs on what is going on around us. There came a call of a missing baby/toddler, between one and two years of age, in a neighboring jurisdiction. Teenagers run away. Kids get lost or lose track of time. Little ones, however, don’t just drop out of sight.

I was in the PD at the time the call came out. Basically, the PR (person reporting) said she hadn’t seen the infant for a few minutes and couldn’t find her. I’m a little fuzzy on the details since it was so long ago, so bear with me. I want to say there was a rear door open that led down to a pool. A pool with no gate. A pool with no cover on it. A pool that hadn’t been cleaned in an unknown amount of time. All the while this is playing out on the radio, units (both PD and Fire) are en route.

At some point, a member of Law Enforcement arrived. He was the first. Then, a couple more cops arrived. I am now yelling at the radio, “Check the fucking pool!!” I am astounded to hear a LEO, who is now on scene, reporting that they are searching the house and backyard, but the pool is so dirty, it’s impossible to see past the surface.

I have never been so pissed off at work. I was astounded at this LEO. I was so bent, in fact, that I got on the bike and responded to the scene. I had every intention of jumping in that fucking pool. By the time I got on scene, I was pulling up right behind Fire. The LEO came strolling (I shit you not…fucking strolling) up the driveway toward me.

I looked at him and said, “Has anybody jumped in the pool yet?” His response? “You don’t want to get in the pool, buddy, it’s disgusting.”

Allow me to break away from my narrative for a second and say something I have always wanted to say to that LEO.

**I can’t believe you have the fucking gall to call yourself a cop when not one of you got wet. This is why the public hates us and loves Fire. Because they really are the Heroes. You’re going to let that kid die because you were afraid of some nasty green water? Are you fucking kidding me?**

And back to it…

As it turns out, I went into the backyard, still intending to jump into that pool. But, I didn’t. Know why? Fire was already in the pool. Fully dressed (without the turnout coat, but still). Know what the dipshit cop was doing? Using a fucking skimmer. Unbelievable.

Not one cop got wet in this incident. Not one. Shameful.

I was still there when Fire pulled the now dead child from the water. I heard gramma scream (she was responsible for watching the child). Hearing that scream will stay with me until the day I die. I am tearing up as I write this.

Would a cop getting wet have saved the kid?  Absolutely not.  Don’t lose sight of the fact that the poor kid was long gone.  The kid had been missing for 10-15 minutes before anyone got there. Really not the point, though. The point is we’re supposed to be Heroes, too. The cops there that day weren’t. And that LEO? Well, I’m not really the type of person to wish someone ill…but if I was, rest assured his worthless ass would be at the top of that list.

And the kicker to all this….the guys from Fire were from my Dad’s old house. I called them after they returned from the hospital and apologized for the worthless representation of the “cops” on scene and thanked them for their efforts in trying to save that kid’s life.

I felt like a traitor…

And that’s why, on that day at least, I like Firemen more than Cops…

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5 thoughts on “Why even I tend to like Firemen more than Cops…

  1. I'm a lifeguard instructor during the summers when I'm not in school. I was out with some friends at a pool in town when I saw a kid go from distressed swimmer to active drowner.

    Lifeguard on stand doesn't even notice. I take off like a shot out of a cannon and hit the water, pull the little one out before his head went under the water. Turns out that the kid (5 or 6) wandered away from Mom and Dad.

    As soon as I was sure the kid was ok, I read the moron on the stand the riot act. It was interesting to see the look on his face when his boss fired him on the spot.

    Just goes to show you that some people don't use their noggin/aren't willing to act even though they have the training and are at the right place at the right time….

    -Guard in N.W. Tx

  2. Motor Cop,

    Wow, thats a really powerful story, Ive just told my wife about it and we are both sitting here with goosebumps.
    My ambulance station is on linked premises with a Fire Station and like you, although we take the mick out of each other there is definately a respect for them.

    On a seperate note. I have started a blog carnival titled "The Handover" with the first issue going out on the 27th of this month.This is a carnival intended for EMS/ER posts etc. The theme for this issue is "Most Memorable Post" and with your permission, I would like to add this post to the other ones that have been submitted.
    If you want some more information on the carnival, come and see the post at http://www.medicblog999.wordpress.com or if you have any questions, please email me at mglencorse@yahoo.co.uk.

  3. I know firefighters. I know cops. You don't get any closer to both than I have been. I can tell you that from my very extensive experience there is good in both. There is bad (very bad) in both. There are firefighters who fear fire. There are cops who fear getting shot. The good ones on both "teams" don't give it another thought. They do what they do because they are called to do so. The others should get the hell out of the way. How this problem is solved is a mystery. Why do they even apply in the first place? The money – there's not enough of it. The glory – the real deals don't care. Truth is – heros are born. Those seeking hero status are wasting their time. I'm proud to be the mom of one of the good ones.

  4. Excellent post. I have had similar situations where a weak officer failed to do the right thing and I am screaming at the radio with frustration at their incompetence or cowardice. You captured the moment well.

    Hopefully, more will read this post and make the right choice when faced with a simple decision of a dirty uniform or the possibility of saving a baby's life.

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