Who knew I had a twin…

I was perusing other blogs this fine evening when I stumbled upon a blog one of my new followers, Firelady, follows herself.

Freaked. Me. Out.

Either I’m in some kind of warped Stephen King novel (living dual lives, policing other jurisdictions whilst I think I’m sleeping) or I’ve got a twin (and if that’s so, my folks have some serious fucking explaining to do).

At any rate, check out Ofr. Krupke (add’l points if you can name the inspiration for the name…Mom, you can’t play.)

The blog title in and of itself is reason enough to read…please to enjoy!

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6 thoughts on “Who knew I had a twin…

  1. Nice! 'Course you only won because my Mom hasn't read the post yet. Yes, I know I said she couldn't play, but, you know, she's my Mom. She doesn't listen to me…

    What do you win, you ask? Bragging rights. Then again, it's musical theatre, so I don't know how much you want to brag.

    Wait, I posted a musical theatre related trivia question…shit…you win a very manly muscle car (per the fine print, you have to purchase said muscle car). Congrats!

  2. No fair! You said I couldn't play!! And thanks to FossilMedic for pointing out it was 50 years ago!
    I promise you do not have a twin … for a month or so we thought you might actually be twins. I said I came in for one and am going home with one. You'll have to check with your dad to see what he did with your sister!
    Stay safe and play nice with other kids.

  3. If I'm following myself, it doesn't show up.

    Then again, does that mean I'm my own stalker? Now THAT takes talent!

  4. Wow–someone finally gets the name.

    And I finally found your blog.

    Great site. Stay safe, my brother.

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