Who doesn’t want to be a fireman?!?

Let me start by saying, “Shut up, Happy.”

There…I feel better. I was contacted over my vacation by Frank Davison on behalf of a new website for our friends on the big, shiny, red trucks…or at least those that want to become one of them. Frank’s website has taken on the task of providing a comprehensive and user friendly site to pursue a fire science degree…in damn near all 50 states.
Since I’m all about sharing the love with my smoke eating friends, I’ve included a link on the “Send in Fire” blogroll and you can also click on the site name…appropriately dubbed FireScienceDegree.com.
Man, you fire guys is clever.

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One thought on “Who doesn’t want to be a fireman?!?

  1. Fire Science:

    Lesson 1–Learn to work the Barcalounger.
    Lesson 2–Learn to work the remote control for the big
    screen TV
    Lesson 3–Wash the Fire Truck (probationers only)
    Lesson 4–Take Fire Truck to grocery store to buy
    food for lunch. Smile back at the pretty
    Lesson 5–Cooking Lunch. Eating lunch.
    Lesson 6–Studying TV guide.
    Lesson 7–Take Fire Truck, through afternoon traffic
    this time, to grocery store to buy food
    for dinner.
    Lesson 8–Cooking dinner. Eating dinner.
    Lesson 9–Go to old folks home, pick up old lady
    who fell down and put her on ambulance.
    Smile at all the other old people.
    Lesson 10-Sleeping

    Repeat. Graduate from Fire Science College with Fireman uniform on.

    Did I miss anything?

    You know what cops and firemen have in common? They both wanna be firemen!

    You know what else, fire guys? Real men don't "stage".

    To all my firefighter buddies out there…you're the best!

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