Who doesn’t know the yield to the right requirement?

As it turns out, more folks than you’d think. Today alone, I’ve had one person immediately pull into the left turn lane, make the turn, make another left, then a right and then stop. Her reason? “I wanted to make sure I wasn’t blocking traffic.”

My response? “No problem, but for future reference, you are required to yield to the right when the lites and sirens come on.” What I wanted to say? “I don’t give a good goddamn (note the use of the lower case ‘g’) what you thought you were doing. When you sign for your license, you are agreeing to abide by the CVC and all it entails. You know what’s included in that tome, you moron? YIELD TO THE RIGHT!!! It’s not up to you. Any deviation from that sends up red flags to us law enforcement types. Yes, I realize you are most likely harmless and a soccer mom, but check it out…my fucking x-ray vision and mind-reading abilities have been acting up lately, so you’ll excuse me if I get perturbed when you don’t do what you are legally required to.”

After that, I saw my second idiot of the day yammering away on his cell phone. I get behind him, hit the lites, and close distance. He stands on his brakes. If I wasn’t paying attention, I’m in his backseat. Not good, and ultimately I would have been at least partially responsible for the collision. Luckily, I didn’t have my head in a dark and smelly locale, so I swerved to the right and yelled at him instead. All he had to do was drive literally another 50′ or so where there was plenty of room to stop. Did he? Nope. Just stopped in the middle of the fuckin’ street. Seriously? Oh, and his excuse for the phone? “My wife called, we’re going to be late for a flight.”

Guess who was even later…

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4 thoughts on “Who doesn’t know the yield to the right requirement?

  1. I always tell folks, "When you see the red light, pull to the right. Next time it might be you." That's for us, but I instruct the wife, if ever given the red light by a peace officer, to slow and find a safe place where the officer can approach the car. I love seeing folks who stop midlane, blocking traffic, Brainless.

  2. Pulling to the right could be off a cliff. I try to look out for my own and the officer's safety, and look for the safest place to stop.

  3. I appreciate your concern for our collective safety, Tom, but trust me when I say when I put on the lites and siren it's cuz that's the particular area I want the driver to stop. That and there are no cliffs in Town…at least not where I stop folks.

  4. This reminds me of one of my favorite runs. We were enroute to a 2nd Alarm Structure fire. I was heading code down a major 3 lane street when I meet up with some idiot in the #1 lane. I'm doing about 55 in 50mph zone and I'm not really gaining on him that fast and he is still not yielding. So I decide to try and get his attention, I start to gain on him (now at this point I'm WAY to close, if he stops i am in big trouble). So I'm thinking does this ass really not notice me with the big red truck lights and siren on his ass. Oh wait he is speeding up, so he knows someone is one his ass, but still not yielding. He has to be up to 60 – 65, when crest a hill. The best sight ever, a sheriff on the cross street waiting for speeders to crest the hill. I see the Officers eyes light up. It was awesome to see him get pulled over, oh what do you know he noticed those lights and pulled to the right.

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