Who are you trying to kid?

Just because you live in an affluent area does not mean you are having an “Estate Sale”. Particularly when the address on the sign points to a condo complex. I’m fairly certain ‘estate’ and ‘condo’ are mutually exclusive.

Listen, you’re just trying to pawn off to the next sucker your bullshit collection of Pogs or mint condition ceramic clowns. That doesn’t equate to living in an estate.

Stop your posturing and call it what it is…a garage sale. It’s okay if you don’t have a garage, the term is still broad enough to encompass what it is. Matter of fact, double shame on you if you don’t have a garage. You know damn well an estate will have a garage. An estate can have a garage sale, but a condo can’t have an estate sale.

It’s cosmic law. So, knock it off.

How much for the Flintstone’s chess set?

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7 thoughts on “Who are you trying to kid?

  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, and I'd hate to needlessly kill the humor of that post, but…

    Isn't an estate sale when you're selling off the property of a dead relative? Like your ancient uncle died so you're selling off all his stuff to divide the money amongst the living relatives.

    I could be wrong, but…

  2. The term "estate sale" originally described property being sold for a deceased person. It did not refer to the size of the real estate. Such sales typically included most if not all contents from the house. Unfortunately today some people use the term for any old garage sale or lawn sale.

  3. What they said ^^
    BUT, having been in your town, I hate when people call it an "Estate Sale" because they think it's "classier" than a garage sale.

  4. Next time you are cruising the sales, look for the complete kool aid pitcher and drink mugs. I totally want that set so all the motors in my unit have their own mug.

  5. Two points…

    1) I was unaware of the true definition of an Estate Sale…if the sign indicated the true meaning, I'm a bit of an a-hole (surprise, surprise)

    2) Knowing the Townfolk like I do, as Anonymous said, it's totally possible I'm right

    Live and learn… 🙂

  6. That's a cool name…Chairman of the Boards. Of course you have to ride a Harley to keep that name…MC is now boardless!!!

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