Where’s the Little Girl?!?!?

Saw this video during some recent training and knew I had to upload it to the blog post haste.

No need for the Amber alert. 😉

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19 thoughts on “Where’s the Little Girl?!?!?

  1. MC, I know you’re just blowing off steam, and come on, the ending with the cops firing the guns out the windows? Totally crack-tastic.

    But take a deep breath and look at the other side: One of the biggest fears out there is being falsely accused of something. The mass media hypes this kinda crap up all the time, aggravating this fear – it’s what we get for having media obsessed with ratings and sales instead of actual news.

    Look at the recent article that was passed around, about someone who [allegedly] was arrested on the basis of her first name, when her last name didn’t match the person they were supposedly looking for. Anyone who stops to think about it will realize there has to be more to this story. Cops just aren’t that stupid, and, yeah, mistakes can happen, but the last names don’t match? But on a raw basis, this story preys upon people’s fears of false accusations.

    So when people see something like this, it hits on the basic fear of being treated like a criminal while innocent. And, yeah, it’s humor, and it’s cop humor. I get it. But reacting with “lighten up” doesn’t help. What you’re doing is dismissing someone’s legitimate fears. Next time someone is bothered by it, may I un-humbly suggest instead just pointing out that it’s police humor, and sometimes it, just like all humor, can be black humor. ’cause sometimes, ya gotta laugh ’cause otherwise you’re gonna cry. Not everyone has the same sense of humor, not everyone is going to “get it.”


    • An excellent point, Moose.

      Some folks aren’t going to “get it” and that’s just fine. I suppose I should be happy that they don’t because that means they don’t have to see and experience the kinds of things that a lot of cops and firefighters see/deal with.

      Thanks for keeping me in check and doing it kindly.

  2. Hysterically funny and absolutely appalling at the same time. It says a lot about the world in which you work, but most people who see it won’t have a clue. Moose is right. Normally I like to celebrate the politically incorrect, but (and I really REALLY hate to say this) the most common public perceptions of this are likely to be detrimental to law enforcement in the long run. The divide between police and the public doesn’t need to get any wider.

    …which is terribly sad, because THAT WAS FUNNY!!!

  3. OK that really had me laughing. Thanks, I’ve gotta forward that on.
    Your humour, however, should come with a warning. If I had been eating or drinking I could have choked.

  4. Thought I might check on some blogs at uni before some studying…. big mistake. I’m laughing like a hyena…… That was awesome. Thanks MotorCop.

    P.S. Moose and Suz, yes you have a point. Yes, you were polite and kind when making your point. But… please just enjoy this video as a slightly PC incorrect guilty pleasure.

  5. As a future (hopefully lol) EMT I found this hilarious. This was made specifically for police entertainment. In our lines of work humor is everything. It gets us through somebody the most horrible, sad and pathetic things we see about humanity. If it was a little politically incorrect so be it lol.

  6. I thought it was funny. It didn’t cross my mind that this would “prey on someone’s worst fears.” I really didn’t see the end coming, but the firing guns as they drove away really emphasized this. Anyone who enjoyed “Super Troopers” would like this.

  7. Being a civilian, I had to watch it twice to “get it.” But the vid intrigued me enough to check out other work by the same folks. A very bizarre and kinky one they did is “Thanks Smokey” (also at YouTube), though it’s not LEO oriented.

  8. Do you really think this is funny? These are the actions of professionals? This is supposed to inspire trust in those who protect us?

    As a professional, could you comment on what might happen when firearms are discharged into the air? Although the scene appears to be in a non-urban area, what if it was not? Or if there were neighborhoods nearby? What goes up does come down, doesn’t it?

    Shall we look at the underlying messages? To feel fear for your life when confronted by a group charging firearms and pointing them at you is to be “the little girl?” As if only girls felt such things? Don’t you think, given the circumstances, for you to have approvingly posted such a thing is more than a little bit hypocritical? At least — I hope you would see the conflict inherent in this as a father of daughters.

    Please fell free to delete this post. If -you-read it, that’s enough.

    I’m sorry, for I had thought better of you.

    • I’m stuck between two responses.

      1. Satire defined: the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc. (emphasis added).

      Yes. I think really think this is funny. No, these are not the actions of professionals. They are actors. If you are inspired to trust actors, you go right on ahead.

      If you are curious about what might happen when firearms are discharged into the air, Mythbusters did a great show on it a couple years ago. If you really think this kind of behavior actually occurs, I encourage you to return to your fellow misled folks at Occupy (insert city).

      Yes, the underlying message is that if you feel fear when someone confronts you with a firearm, you are a little sissy girl because only a girl would feel such things. Please refer to my initial comment regarding satire for further explanation of my previous statement.


      2. There’s the little girl.

      I’m pretty sure either one is gonna lose me a reader or two, but I just couldn’t resist.

      Seriously, though, Mikael. It’s a comedy sketch. If you didn’t think it was funny, I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess you hated “Super Troopers” as well. By the way, Super Troopers is every cop’s favorite movie. All of us. It’s our Shawshank Redemption. Our Godfather. That oughta be a sobering thought.

  9. Aw , you guys are so lame (big sigh). Go back to your Leggo.

    Seriously though- you could put an eye out.

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