Where’s the Little Girl – Revisited

As I’m sure you’ll remember, I posted a video a while back entitled “Save Miranda“.  It generated some, shall we say, spirited debate in a follow-up post I wrote entitled “Where’s the Little Girl – A Reader’s Response“.

Now, you may not be aware of this, but you may hazard an assumption that I, being the social media whore that I am, am seldom without my smart cellular device that will allow me to trade witticisms with you all at any given moment.  I also get a notice when I get an email.  I got one such notice today whilst, er, ensconced upon my porcelain throne.

What, I can post about my vasectomy, but I can’t take a leak?  You people and your judgy pants.  For shame.

At any rate, I checked my email and let out an excited, “No way!” that had little or nothing to do with bodily functions.  

I got an email from Patrick Scott, the writer/director of “Save Miranda”.  I sent him an email back and got his permission to share the following email:

Hi, Motorcop. My name’s Patrick Scott–my producer just sent along your blog post about the film “Save Miranda!”
I’m the writer and director of the piece and founder of Zoochosis–the production company behind Save Miranda and
several other viral videos.

After reading your blog post and the comments I can say that you and I would probably have a hard time agreeing on politics, however what we both share is a sense of humor. We also seem to understand that humor can be a great force of critique, and can also bring people together.

Police officers around the nation have written in to support the film, and that makes me very happy. Although the film is pretty mean, it’s not meant to be mean in only one direction. It pokes fun at cops, liberals, and machismo in general.

Thanks for standing behind the silly little movie, and thanks for your sense of humor.  Yes, people do need to lighten up. But until then Zoochosis will keep having fun making fun of everyone.

This gentleman didn’t have to reach out to me, but I’m glad he did.  I was glad to know that cops around the country contacted him to let him know they found his film funny.  All too often, I’m discovering of late, people seem to have forgotten not to take themselves/life too seriously.  I like that Mr. Scott brought up the point that humor can be a great force of critique and can bring people together.

An excellent point, to be sure, and one that is unfortunately overlooked too much, in my opinion.  Lord knows, I love a good bear poke every once in a while and I would be quite the hypocrite if I didn’t appreciate humor getting used to poke cops from time to time, too.

I appreciated Mr. Scott taking the time to drop me a line.  He certainly didn’t need to do so.  This is another reason I love this little corner of the interwebs.  It has afforded me the opportunity to connect with folks I’d never have a chance to talk to otherwise.  It was, and is, my pleasure to “stand behind the silly little movie” and I’m flattered that Mr. Scott echoed that people do need to lighten up.  I wish him the best of luck in continuing to poke the bear and making fun of everyone.

Drop by the Zoochosis fan page on Facebook, follow them on Twitter (@ZoochosisCOM), or check out their YouTube channel!

Now I just need to scrape together that screenplay for SoulCrusher and I’ve got my in!  Hollywood, here I come….

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  1. Hollywood? What Motorcop Blog, Facebook and Twitter not fame enough? The seat of contemplation has a lot to answer for.

  2. Good job, sir. I think that’s really cool. Might need to start thinking about moving a bit south to pursue your future affair with the film industry… perhaps? No? Ahh, it was worth a shot…

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