Where’s the Little Girl – A Reader’s Response

It’s been so long since I’ve poked a good bear that I couldn’t resist.  Call it the angst over all the ridiculousness that is the OWS folderol on the news every. damn. night.  Call it the anguish over not being able to ride my motor for almost three bloody months.  But when a reader commented on the “Where’s the Little Girl” post, I had to share.

I posted both the reader’s response and mine.  I’m not sure how many folks read back through comments and I certainly don’t want you to think my particular form of humor is unilaterally adored by all.

Do you really think this is funny? These are the actions of professionals? This is supposed to inspire trust in those who protect us?As a professional, could you comment on what might happen when firearms are discharged into the air? Although the scene appears to be in a non-urban area, what if it was not? Or if there were neighborhoods nearby? What goes up does come down, doesn’t it? Shall we look at the underlying messages? To feel fear for your life when confronted by a group charging firearms and pointing them at you is to be the little girl? As if only girls felt such things? Don’t you think, given the circumstances, for you to have approvingly posted such a thing is more than a little bit hypocritical? At least I hope you would see the conflict inherent in this as a father of daughters. Please fell free to delete this post. If -you-read it, that’s enough. I’m sorry, for I had thought better of you.

My puerile retort:

I’m stuck between two responses:1. Satire defined: the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc. (emphasis added).Yes. I think really think this is funny. No, these are not the actions of professionals. They are actors. If you are inspired to trust actors, you go right on ahead.If you are curious about what might happen when firearms are discharged into the air, Mythbusters did a great show on it a couple years ago. If you really think this kind of behavior actually occurs, I encourage you to return to your fellow misled folks at Occupy (insert city).Yes, the underlying message is that if you feel fear when someone confronts you with a firearm, you are a little sissy girl because only a girl would feel such things. Please refer to my initial comment regarding satire for further explanation of my previous statement.or2. There’s the little girl.  I’m pretty sure either one is gonna lose me a reader or two, but I just couldn’t resist.Seriously, though, Mikael. It’s a comedy sketch. If you didn’t think it was funny, I;m gonna go out on a limb and guess you hated Super Troopers as well. By the way, Super Troopers is every cop’s favorite movie. All of us. It’s our Shawshank Redemption. Our Godfather. That oughta be a sobering thought.

You didn’t think I was gonna bury that in a comment section, did you? Wait.  You thought better of me, too?

Dammit.  I’m disappointing folks left and right.

There are going to be some of you that are going to be offended by my response.  How you’ve gotten through previous posts is a testament to your patience.  If you haven’t caught on just yet, I’m a bit snarky.  Some of you may be new to my blog and thus unaware of the thoughts that are constantly a-twirl in my dome of things I’d like to say but don’t because I’m a professional.

Consequently, when someone voices a point of view on my blog, I unapologetically reserve the right to respond in whatever fashion I like.  ‘Round MCPD, I get to call the shots.  It pays to be in charge.  If my response above is deemed too infantile or stereotypical for a cop in your opinion, I humbly offer the following snappy comeback from Daniel Tosh:

Na-Na Na-Na Boo-Boo.  Stick your head in Doo-doo.

Those of you that have been reading for a long time know just how far in the cheek the tongue is placed.  Remember how the phrase “Can’t we all just get along?” was bandied about for years?  I think it’s time to institute a new phrase.  “Can’t we all lighten up a little bit?”  If you’re trying to extrapolate a sketch comedy troupe’s portrayal of over-the-top, ridiculous antics of pretend police officers into the actions of actual police officers, it’s time to switch off the nightly news and head on out for some fresh air reality.  You (and I’m talking sweeping generalization here) are wound way too tight and need to watch more Comedy Central and less CNN.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic. Snark is encouraged. Being a prat is not.

30 thoughts on “Where’s the Little Girl – A Reader’s Response

  1. “If you really think this kind of behavior actually occurs, I encourage you to return to your fellow misled folks at Occupy (insert city)”

    Ah, M’sier Javert — we are to think from your categorical dismissal above that no police officer could ever exceed the norm in his behavior, that all are totally professional and circumspect? I should not, by your advice, read so much CNN or other media of record? Was a story like this one an example of what I should have been avoiding in favor of Comedy Central?

    “The bench verdict from Justice Gustin L. Reichbach in State Supreme Court in Brooklyn stemmed from acts committed in 2007 by the defendant, Jason Arbeeny, a 14-year veteran of the department who worked in the Brooklyn South unit.

    Before announcing the verdict, Justice Reichbach scolded the department for what he described as a widespread culture of corruption endemic in its drug units.

    “I thought I was not naïve,” he said. “But even this court was shocked, not only by the seeming pervasive scope of misconduct but even more distressingly by the seeming casualness by which such conduct is employed.”

    The case against Detective Arbeeny was rooted in a far larger tale of corruption in Police Department drug units: several narcotics officers in Brooklyn have been caught mishandling drugs they seized as evidence, and hundreds of potentially tainted drug cases have been dismissed. The city has made payments to settle civil suits over wrongful incarcerations.

    During the trial, prosecutors described the corruption in the drug units that Detective Arbeeny worked for. One former detective, Stephen Anderson, who did not know the defendant, testified that officers in those units often planted drugs on innocent people. Mr. Anderson has pleaded guilty to official misconduct over a 2008 episode involving drug evidence and now faces two to four years in prison. “

    [ http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/02/nyregion/brooklyn-detective-convicted-of-planting-drugs-on-innocent-people.html ]

    Puerile is how you characterize your retort? I give credit then for consistency with your admission to being snarky.

    Def: Snarky — “sharply critical; cutting; snide: the kid who makes snarky remarks in class.
    cranky; irritable: Bobby’s always a bit snarky before his nap.”

    I make no objection over how you choose to respond, for this is indeed your space and the rules thereof are yours to set in any way you might deem appropriate. I’ve been known to enjoy a good online scrap myself.

    I am suggesting, however, that the presentation of some forms of satire/humor detracts from the previously perceived as responsible tone of your content.

    • T.Buddha said the best, most concise comparison. Perhaps Comedy Central should be what you favor – Reno911. The video is disconcerting humor …. until the ending with the gunfire. uh, hello??? That was the videographer’s neon sign disclaimer that the entire thing is a farce. really?? I mean really.

  2. Hard for me to believe anyoe would think the video depicts a real event, especially with the setup of the guy in the car fumbling with his breakfast. The film is from Zoochosis.com, titled “Save Miranda,” and apparently at least some of the cops were played by real off-duty officers. A behind-the-scenes video was recently released by the production company. I’m not associated with them in any way, but the production interested me enough to find out who originally made it. The behind-the-scenes look is here: http://www.zoochosis.com/extras.html#!prettyPhoto/2/

    Keep up the good work, MC, and have a safe one.

  3. And sorry for the double post, but wanted to add that once I was in a similar situation when local police mistakenly thought my passenger was a wanted suspect. Cruisers, unmarkeds, bikes, a van, and guns pointed at me, the whole works. I immediately knew it was some sort of mistake, and once all the ID’s were checked, the officers relaxed and were very professional. No complaints from me.

  4. Ha! You can’t get rid of all of us that easily… But I think it’s easy to miss the fact that emergency service workers, in whatever sphere, have a horribly warped sense of “gallows” humour (damn this American spell-check thing underlining the word ‘humour’ with the second ‘u’, which is often lost on the general public… Although I’m at a loss as to how anyone can miss the joke in this one… 🙂

  5. I thought it was hysterical. And if you are aghast at the post – STOP READING THE BLOG! Which is what I have done with some flaming liberals. Sheesh, so solutions are so easy……..

  6. @Mikael: “Meow”!

    Now, fellow fun-loving adults who possess an ounce of common sense (sorry for excluding you, Mikael, I do hope not to offend), moving on from that douche-nozzle’s obnoxious head-up-ass, ranting ‘Shenanagans’…..”Who wants a mustache ride?”

  7. @Mikael: “Meow”

    Now the rest of us fun loving grownups with a half ounce or more common-sense (I apologize, Mikael, for specifically excluding you. I do so hope not to offend.) shall return to enjoying our time with MC without your ignorant Shenanigans.

    @those who actually possess a sense of humor and a discerning brain: Who wants a mustache ride?!

    @MC: Candybaaars.

    Sorry, the self-righteous drivel posted by your friend Mikael made my brain hurt; and the Super Trooper in me spilled out just a little bit.

  8. I followed the link and watched the video “Where’s the little girl?” What a hoot! I liked it and thought it was funny.

    Anyone who is offended by this video should lighten up a little. This is a comedy sketch and it’s well done. I especially liked the finish with all the guns going off.

  9. Motor Cop, I hope the fact that my respect for you has increased by a minimum of 200% consoles you for the loss of respect of some of your readers.
    Hmm, I hope that made sense. 😀

  10. Brings to mind a quote I heard today.

    “If my opinion offended you, you should hear the ones I keep to myself.”

  11. This sorta reminds me of one of my favorite youtube videos’. “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXomHHwha-w”. The best DUI ever. I had to stifle a laugh myself imagining MC out there showing how to do the bump, step etc. You have to give it up for the drive for being able to rip off the alphabet backwards.

  12. I was too busy visualizing Jay Chandrasekhar saying “Mother of God” regarding the actions of the police in the video to have any kind of frustration or angry associated with the presentation of the law enforcement community.

  13. Dark humor is the best kind. If that guy shits his pants though, guess who’s gonna be cleaning it up. Not me, bucko. Have fun.

  14. Reality has left the plant. Can’t realize beween fact and fiction and It’s Just A Joke,Bubby makes me wonder when humour gets to be PC’d. Good One,MC,damn good one. I wonder about Mikeal’s reaction to some of the stuff we pulled off when I was in the army,almost 1st degree murder and then some.

  15. They used real City cars. They used real uniforms with the patches horribly covered…duh. The guns they shot were so obviously movie magic…No they were not shooting real rounds. Put it all together…stupid, stupid, stupid because they are in a lot of trouble. As for the atrocity of it and poor example…give me a break. It’s called humor and this one was as clever and funny as they come….hilarious.

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