Where the @#$^ is my backup?!?!

I’ve notice a disturbing trend over the past few months.  There seems to have been a noticeably steady decline in the number of law enforcement bloggers in the interwebs.

Now, I know darn well that I’m not the only cop with something to say.  Hell, I listen to them say stuff all day every day.  So where’d they all go?  I only have four on my “Can I get a Code 2 assist” blogroll.  Two of them appear to be down for the count.  GraveYard Dog is MIA and “Smith” dropped off as well.

I’ve made more connections in the EMS world through blogging than my own brothers/sisters.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m forever grateful to the EMS-types, but a guy needs to rub elbows with his folk, you know?

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen good cop bloggers go down for the count.  Sometimes they revive in different forms with new titles and sometimes they just take a hiatus for reasons unrelated to blogging.  But, I have to think a lot of it lies with the Powers That Be and the kinds of things we cops tend to blog about.

I’m no expert in the field of blogging.  Far from it.  I have, however, been at it for 3 1/2 years and have developed what I see as a loyal, supportive, and engaging audience of readers.  So, why am I still around?  I didn’t start out writing the same as I do now.  Go back and read my early stuff…I was angry and I didn’t have much of a censor button.

There is one solid premise I always mostly adhered to, though.  I don’t talk crazy about my department and I don’t talk trash about the people with whom I work directly.  That last bit is mostly true…I once posted about a fellow copper that I stopped and how it played out.  It didn’t go over well and that copper got bent out of shape and wasn’t particularly interested in hearing the whys and wherefores of the post after being directed to said post (which has since been removed).

I think the problem lies in that cops are bitchy by nature.  You trying dealing with the kinds of things we see day in and day out and see if you don’t develop a bit of a chip.  That and we aren’t really great at censoring ourselves when left to our own devices.  Consequently, when you dangle to ability to vent “anonymously” in front of some of us, we leap on it like a rabid ocelot (by far the most dangerous of rabid animals).  The fallout from that can be fairly difficult to overcome.

You think I don’t have issues with my department?  You’re insane.  I could go off on quite the articulate little jag about compensation, staffing, equipment, resources and so on and so forth.  There are always issues in the law enforcement world and there always will be.  It’s what you do with what you have and how you handle it that are going to define your day, your attitude, and how you’re perceived.  At the end of the day, I know on which side my bread is buttered and I choose not to voice my opinions (usually) about the Man that butters that bread.  My folks raised an idiot, but it wasn’t me.

Shit.  I’m an only child.

At any rate, my advice to would-be/aspiring law enforcement bloggers is this: don’t use the interwebs as your vacuous space in which all you do is yell about all the wrongs thrust upon you.  A) No one cares.  B) Your boss will find out about it.  C) It makes for really lousy reading.  Listen, people love cop stories.  They hate us, but they love our stories.  The Wife says I’m always a hit at parties as soon as my job enters into the discussion because regular folks very seldom get to talk to a cop.  Instead of whining about the Major (no my department doesn’t have majors) that is a real a-hole, give folks an inside scoop about what your job is like.

Listen, I’m not saying you can’t talk about how you feel about your job.  Lord knows I do that all the time.  People just want to know there’s a heart behind that badge (I mean if you’re not a motor…we leave ours in the locker when we go 10-8).  Show them you can laugh…both at them and at yourself.

So, it appears I need to replenish my Code 2 Assist blogroll.  Who’s got something for me?


*Don’t misunderstand…I don’t know the details about either “Smith” or GYD, but I don’t think either of them did the things I advise against above.  I was speaking much bigger picture.  Carry on.

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  1. I tried to visit GYD’s blog a couple of days ago. From the wording there it sounds like he will be returning at some point. I hope he does- he’s almost as good a blog writer as you are MC ;.) And just so you know; not all people hate cops. I don’t. Neither my family nor my husband & his family hate cops. We’re teaching our kids that cops are our friends & here to help us. They’re the good guys. It’s the same thing my dad did for me when I was a kid. If more people would do that your job would be a heck of a lot easier and maybe the world would be a better place. Stay safe!

  2. That whole thing about your parents didn’t raise an idiot? Laughed long and loud – now my coworkers think I’m a loon.

    I’m not in law enforcement, I’m just one of the multitude of faithful minions that likes your stuff. I am in customer service and I was in technical support, which provides me a gracious plenty in the way of stories about stupid/irritating/WTH things people do. I don’t blog about them because as irritated or amused as I may get, I like/want/need my job.

    I also don’t blog about family stuff unless it’s something I’m completely comfortable with every member of said family reading, regardless of age or relationship.

    I don’t blog about that stuff because I think the only blogger who is truly and completely anonymous is the one who’s only connected to the internet in his/her medicated little head. (Although I will say you are a master jedi on remaining anonymous!) As a general rule, though, as soon as you hit that publish button, your behind is in the breeze…personally, I’m a fan of keeping it covered.

    • If only I was a master Jedi…I’d have even more fun! Keeping in mind that “publish” may as well say “are you sure?” is something to remember at all times!

  3. If you are intested outside of the US:


    Is the largest police blog in the UK (about 7.5 million hits, so largest by a huge margin). Not official in any way, actively being hunted for not towing the official line in fact, although he has been mentioned in parliament over here.

  4. Here’s a couple I’ve enjoyed keeping tabs on. Highly recommend both (as a civilian/citizen reader).



    Blogs like these have increased my awareness and understanding of the issues, gripes, etc. of LEOs / first responders like yourself in a way a TV show like cops can’t do.

    Blogs like this are important because they counteract the misinformation the media tends to spread and at least in my case, increase trust.

    It is a shame about this trend recently, as there is so much value for both the blogger and the community.

    All I can say at this point to the first responders who blog is thank you, I am truly grateful for having the opportunity to read what you had to share and I feel I am a better person for having done so.

  5. Haha you know i have noticed you seem to have way more EMS connections online than law enforcement ones. I think more cops need to get there voices out there. I don’t know a single cop that doesn’t have something to say about there job, and no PD is perfect. Hell, I hear it every day my dad comes home from work. He’s always got something to say about his job. Anyway, I completely agree with you. I think it really helps the public understand that cops are people too and they do, in fact have hearts. There not those greedy little people sitting out by the overpass eating doughnuts and pulling traffic that everyone thinks they are.

  6. Another UK one is P C Bloggs

    I’m not a police officer but agree with T Budha that reading police blogs does help in understanding what it is like. In my professional capacity I deal cases where children are in the Care system, many of whom have issues with drugs, alcohol, domestic abuse etc, so many of our clients are the same people who the police deal with day in day out. The difference is when I see them it’s usually in office hours, in a safe environment such as a courtroom or office, and when they are sober. I have evey respect for those who cope with similar folk when they are at their worst, rather than on their best behaviour.

  7. MC,

    I have noticed this same problem with your brothers in blue. What do they expect a girl to read while her husband works a 12 with no phone call? I need some kind of window into the LEO world when he’s too busy to contact his old lady (I use the term old only for the verbal flow of this comment, clearly a young, spry lady must be behind this whit, right?). I’m going to check out a few of the sites listed above and maybe we can make some new connections in that respect. I do so enjoy a cop blog, you daring gentlemen have such exciting dalliances. 🙂

  8. I think it’s apathy… combined with fear of retaliation…

    There’s no safe place for freedom of speech from anyone involved in the area of First Responders… from cops to firefighters to EMTs… any comment they make could be scrutinized and misinterpreted and deemed misconduct under CUBO.

    I’ve tried encouraging them to create false profiles so that they can comment freely in a civil manner…but most dont…and to top it off… they leave their profiles wide open for ANYONE to see…and their info often leads to the department for which they work and the “call is made”…

    The anti-LE types are on constant hunting expeditions… they google any word and anything remotely associated with LE…they join and just sit and watch from the corner…not attracting any attention to themselves…there simply to “observe and report”…

    Several people from my page have been reported for CUBO… some have paid…

    I’m getting ready to throw in the towel on my FB LE page… not worth the headache…and, sadly, not worth the effort anymore…

    • It is indeed a risk. I’ve had my own bouts of doubt about continuing. But it’s comments similar to all the others on this post that keep me going. I know enough to not say anything that’ll cost me my job. After 3 1/2 years of doing this, I feel a sense of obligation and commitment to continuing.

  9. hey,

    first. i have never liked the audacity and hubris of your moniker. perhaps it should read,”if i stopped you. you deserved it”. (then you can tell us why .) your musings may back that up. or not. let us decide. (your current moniker [as i see it] equates to saying that if any l.e. stops you. “you deserve it”.) obviously incorrect.

    i’m involved in ems. i jump into the murky swimming pool. crawl into the bloody wreck. walk/crawl through the poo/ vomit, etc. just a worker bee.

    all that said , i see a shift in your blog. i like it. i linked you from h.m..

    you have obviuosly been blessed with good things. good on you. keep evolving.

    take good care,

    p.s. happy for you and yours!

  10. Your blog is always a great read but apart from that it is a great PR exercise. You and bloggers of your ilk should be congratulated not closed down. Management should be patting you on the back for all this unpaid work you do.
    What I’d like to know, with your work commitments, a home life (which has to include keeping the wife smiling) wrapped around a newborn while trying to squeeze in a modicum of social life, is where do you get the time to let those fingers of yours do their magic across the keyboard? Methinks you have invented sleep blogging.
    Thanks for all your efforts now wake up and go to bed.

    • Now you now why I’ve been absent for so long. MClet #3 is now eight weeks old and I’m finally finding time to get back to writing. Honestly, it’s comments like yours that give me the fuel I need.

      …and I type wicked fast. 😉

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