What to do…

A caveat. This is not a cop related post. Rather, I’m wondering how to best infuse a new characteristic to my little experiment. If you’ll notice, along the right side of the blog is a Twitter widget. (Man, I cringe at all this 21st century lingo…You kids get off my lawn!!!!) I’m enough of a facebook whore these days, all I need is another fucking techno-crutch.

At any rate, as I’ve stated a time or two before, sometimes things in this job just aren’t that interesting. Shocking, I know, but it’s true. Not every stop I conduct is blog-worthy. By in large, they are all fairly dull. (Note I didn’t use “routine”). So, I’m thinking about using Twitter as a more, albeit brief, update of what I happen to be doing at any given moment. The other option is to use it as a more personal and not necessarily work related outlet. You know, let you behind the curtain a little to see the Great and Powerful OZ.

Let me know what your opinions are.

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8 thoughts on “What to do…

  1. I use my twitter as an extension of the Happy Medic, but there's rarely anything new there…OR IS THERE?

    I say try both and see who follows.

  2. I haven't gotten too much into Twitter yet, but I'm enough of an emergency junkie working in this job that I know I would pull up both!

  3. Flatfoot…

    You can indeed, as you can with Facebook. I am currently trying desperately to resist the urge to drop that kind of dough, however.

    I'm jonesing for an iPhone, but if I get one, so does the Wife. The easy equation here is my desire + Wife + 2 iPhones = more $$$ than I can afford right now. ARGH.

  4. Berserk…

    Twitter is like a pared down version of facebook. All you have is constant status updates.

    You know, when I read that, it just makes me sad that I know that.

  5. Hi Motorcop,

    I vote against using twitter. It would weaken your real blog. I would rather have your meaty and pungent blog containing bad words once a week than a few sentences here and there all the time.

    Ever hear of Joe Wambaugh? He wouldn't have used twitter…

  6. I'm neither here nor there on the subject. I've just become a fan of facebook, so I'm into that as well as about 4 great blogs (your's being one of them) – I don't think I would use twitter, because I love coming home in the evening to all my blog catchups. But if it works for you – by all means! Iphones are cheap now aren't they? Like $200 apiece?

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