What really matters…

In the last six days, I’ve been to two funerals. Both men were killed during the same incident in the Fresno area. This post is not about what those brave men did. Instead, it is more about the reminder of what each of us has while we are here and the simple expression of the same.

As you can imagine, it was an exhausting experience. On the second day, we rode there and back. It was about 400 miles round trip. On the last 20 miles, it started to rain. Then, hail. I pulled onto my street cold, tired, wet, and spent (physically and emotionally). I looked up into the sky and saw what appears below. I walked in, grabbed my oldest and walked into the backyard to show her…

(Yes, that’s actually my daughter and I!) The rainbow was complete…not one of those tacky partial jobs. Even cooler (although faint in the photo), there was a second rainbow above it.
I felt like God was patting me on the back and saying, “I had to take those men home. You are still there. Don’t forget what you have and hold them dear.”
Thank you, Lord.

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15 thoughts on “What really matters…

  1. The photo is absolutely beautiful.

    My heart is with those fallen. Stay safe out there, MC.

  2. It's difficult losing one person let alone two. Two lives that will never be replaced. I'm sorry for your loss.

    Thanks for sharing the picture.

    Be safe.

  3. I miss those days, when my kids were small, and I could snatch them up to show them rainbows and airplanes.

    Those times made all of the B.S. and the strife go away, with one small hug.

    Enjoy that part of it while you can, MC it will pass much to fast.

    As far as the other part, it really can't be explained, at least not by anyone who really knows. Tragedy at the hand of a whack job, unpredictable and random. I am sure you all sent your comrades off in style, you always do.

  4. You are a great writer and an awsome cop. I have enjoyed all your posts and it just amazes me that people don't stop and look around them more often. Thank You for putting life into a better perspective for ALL!

  5. Sometimes our time here is very hard to handle and we are given situations that shake our foundations. I feel for you my friend I really do.
    Thank God for our families – they keep us anchored.
    Stay Safe.

  6. Two funerals in a few days time is pretty brutal for those left behind. I'm sorry for your losses. There have been a lot of line-of-duty deaths everywhere this year; it seems even more scary than normal. Do what you can to stay sane and stay safe, please.

  7. Thank you after the hell I and my fellow medics went through on missions the last two weeks I really needed the reminder of why i am doing what I am doing

  8. I love this post. And I love your take on it. You are right but he was also reminding you that he is always there with you.

    God bless those men and their families.

  9. I'm sorry MC.
    I'm sorry murderous pigs like Liles aren't stopped somehow before good officers are slain.
    But if you can recognize an affirmation of life after a harrowing trip and thought to bring your little one to witness too..dude that says a lot about ya.
    And at the risk of beating a dead horse…get off that bike. Your that little girl's whole world.

  10. Dear MC,
    Please accept my condolences on the loss of Deputy Wahlenmeier and Officer Bejar. I am sorry for your loss.

    Remember those feelings will go back and forth for awhile. I hope new moments of renewal will continue to show up at the right moment.

    My best to you and your lovely family,
    Ann T.

  11. What a lovely story and an even prettier picture to go with it. Sometimes we need to see happiness in order to recover from sadness.

    Lindsey Petersen

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