We’ve gone International…

Thanks to Happy Medic, a compatriot in the Emergency Services Field has found his way to my blog. Medicblog999 is a paramedic in the UK. He contacted me recently regarding a recent post.

The following was copied from Medicblog999’s blog…

The new blog carnival for all pre-hospital care providers and A&E/ER staff is now active and is accepting post submissions for its first edition to be hosted here on the 27th February.

Closing date for posts to be submitted is the 23rd February and the topic for this first edition is:

“Your most memorable post!”

When you look back over all of the posts you have wrote, which one stands out from all of the others. Which one got the most comments, sparked the greatest debate, or moved the most amount of your readers?

And this from his comment…

I have started a blog carnival titled “The Handover” with the first issue going out on the 27th of this month. This is a carnival intended for EMS/ER posts etc. The theme for this issue is “Most Memorable Post” and with your permission, I would like to add this post to the other ones that have been submitted.
If you want some more information on the carnival, come and see the post at www.medicblog999.wordpress.com.

So, I’m spreading the word to all you other police/fire bloggers out there. Feel free to visit Medicblog999 and submit a post of your own.

Being somewhat of an outsider from the Emergency Medical field, I was honoured (cheers) to be included.

So, thank you, Medicblog999, for including me! I’ll be sure to hoist a pint and wish you nothing but the best…

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One thought on “We’ve gone International…

  1. Thanks for the plug for the carnival Motor Cop!

    Ive started to get some posts comming in now so it looks like it should be a good first edition!


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