Welcome to the party, South Dakota.

Back on 3/13/09, I installed Google analytics on the blog so I could keep book on where folks were logging in from and how often, etc. Don’t fret, it doesn’t keep personal info or anything. It just lets me know which posts are more popular and what area folks log in from.

Since 3/13, I’ve seen the popularity of the blog blossom. Not just in the States, but around the world. With an exception.
For weeks, I have worried I had somehow offended the state of South Dakota. Had I referred to her as “that pussy state below North Dakota”? I don’t recall any such malfeasance. After all, SD is the home to Mt. Rushmore, you know where Team America lives. SD also contains Sturgis, the locale where motorcycle enthusiasts sojourn to every year to sight see, interact with others who share a love of bikes, and to trade crystal meth recipes….maybe even carry out a hit on an opposing outlaw motorcycle gang member. Ah, memories.
I mean, I’ve gotten hits from places like Macedonia (which I’d be hard pressed to find on a map, by the by), Slovenia (isn’t that where Dracula lives? Oh, shit, is Dracula reading my blog?!?), and Bahrain (aren’t we at war with them?). Come on, South Dakota, get your shit together!
And then, today, nearly three months later, a lone stranger in Gettysburg, South Dakota, took the time to stumble on my blog and spend so little time here that it barely registered. That’s not the point, however, my friends. The point is that blank spot on the map of the United States is now green. Just like every other state in the Union. So, thank you, my Gettysburg friend. You’ve relieved the OCD compunction in me, insofar as it relates to Google analytics.
Feel free to pass pass the blog around to the other, what, 500 people or so that live in South Dakota. And don’t take any more shit off those bastards in the North. (Note to bastards in the North, you were here first, you know my loyalties lie with you, right? Besides, those fuckers in the South probably can’t even read this part.) SD, you can’t be pissed at me, I included a link to your damn travel page. I’m trying to increase your popularity and sway in the Union!
And now I turn my sights on you, Guam. Oh yeah, I’m coming for you!

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11 thoughts on “Welcome to the party, South Dakota.

  1. Macedonia is immediately north of Greece. Macedonia was also the birthplace of Alexander the Great.

    Dracula was from Transylvania (part of Romania), not Slovenia (which was part of the former Yugoslavia).

    Bahrain is a tiny country in the Persian Gulf and friendly to the US.

  2. Moto Cop –Thanks to Jenna you have now had a geography lesson!!!!! Good thing you paid for your college education!!

  3. LMAO! Oh my, not a dry eye between the dispatcher and myself! – Officer

  4. Been to South Dakoter. South Dakoter has very freendly peoples. Purty good scenery too. Wild Bill Hickock was kilt there in Deadwood South Dakoter.

  5. My dear MC … you are anything but subtle! That's what I like about you. A person never needs to wonder where they stand.

  6. Got to defend South Dakota, or at the least, their State Patrol. Sneaky and good. Nailed me at 88mph in a 55 zone. Never happened to me before. Good thing their court system is screwed up and didn't report the infraction to my DMV.
    Nice people, friendly, with a sense of humor you don't find in N Dak.

  7. Chances are the hits from places like Slovenia and Macedonia are spam bots searching for a place to leave messages about how to increase your virility.

  8. Greetings from Nederland. I am a police woman in Eindhoven and do very much enjoy your blog. I once visited California where everyone did drive a bit crazy so it is good that you make them behave.

  9. Brigitta,

    Wow! Thanks for the comment! I love getting feedback from abroad. Do you have a blog as well? I'd be interested in seeing some from other parts of the world.

  10. Bill: Don't burst his bubble like that… he loves feeling admired worldwide. 😉

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