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Today finds me nursing a cold and feeling generally less than spectacular. Imagine my surprise when the Wife came in the bedroom, laptop in hand, and showed me this. I was interviewed by the article’s author, Eric Sofge, a couple of months ago. He said he was writing an interesting article on the 10 most cited vehicles and he’d read my blog and was curious about my opinion. I was flattered to be asked and happy to help.

Apparently, the article ran today because my hits went through the damn roof! My virtual inbox is virtually overflowing with comments, questions, and general well wishes. I wanted to take the time to thank Eric for including me in his article and also to thank you all for the emails and comments…most of you, that is.
Which leads me to my next point. The first thing you should know about this blog is I moderate comments. Consequently, you folks that are predisposed to leave anonymously hateful comments because that one cop was an asshole to you that one time? Feel free to piss right off. I won’t be giving you the satisfaction of a response. I don’t have time for your anonymous bullshit. As a matter of fact, since you obviously have a less-than-positive view of me already, for every comment along these veins, I shall go out and write five more tickets in your honor.
For the rest of you lot, rest assured, I’m more than happy to read, post, and respond to as many comments as I can. I’ve no problem with honest questions and/or criticisms…if you can make me laugh, all the better. As a new reader, please understand a large majority of what I write is intended with a certain sense of humour. It may very well not be your sense of humour, but that’s part of what makes the world go round. I prefer the comic stylings of a Craig Shoemaker or a Bob Marley to a Doug Stanhope or a Steven Wright. Different strokes.
Feel free to go back to the beginning to get a better idea of who I am and where I’m coming from. Before you make any snap judgments about my ilk or me specifically, spend some time reading a bit more. You may just find I’m not what you assume at first sight. The moniker doesn’t always define the man. You’ll also notice I’ve a few blogs I link to along the right portion of the blog. There’s some good stuff in there from both the Cop world, the Dispatch universe and the Medic realm.
Thanks very much for taking the time to read my schlock. I hope you get something out of it and find some much needed laughter in this increasingly downer world.
On a personal note, the Wife and I are expecting a second Kid any day now, so updates may very well be sporadic for a bit. I’ve worked about 120 hours of OT in the last two months, so I’ve got a bunch of stories primed and ready.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic. Snark is encouraged. Being a prat is not.

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  1. I found the blog through the MSN article…very interesting look at how police officers view the citizenry. Read back a couple pages, my fav post so far was the kid who turned the cigarette/following ticket into a warrant…hilarious! Look forward to reading more. And congrats on the upcoming addition to your family!

  2. I too read the MSN article. To my relief, my vehicle is not on that list! I just started a blog–it's all of 5 days old. I am a former EMT and current ED RN. You and "Officer Smith" both passed muster and ended up on my blog roll. Thanks for your good work and stay safe out there.

  3. Great blog! I saw the reference from your FB and took a quick peek. I'm going to have to come back and check this often. I had a good laugh at the pizza delivery guy because people never cease to amaze me with their comments. On a side note… Madden next week!

  4. Fantastic! Can't wait for your stories. I too found your blog via the article and boy, am I glad I did. You are hysterical and I am thoroughly enjoying this. It's nice to see it from the other side.
    Keep up the good work, I'll read often and congratulations on number 2! I always said, you're not a real parent until they're fighting with each other. (I have 2 as well so I know of what I write.)

  5. I don't know if you can imagine this, but as a retired tescher I can empathise.
    Everyone is an expert on (name one: teaching, being a cop,doing whatever …job require skill, knowledge and experience) yet 'the public' says they know how o do what one does as a career.

    Keep up the interesting posts…around the childbirth things. As a mom of 3 I understand.

    Interesting point of view.
    I always said I was a nurse at parties! Everyone is a critic!

  6. I linked to your writings throught the MSN article, and once I began reading I was hooked. I was home from work sick today for the 3rd day this week, and was dreading daytime TV – again. Thank you for posting your thoughts – for giving me something to do on my sick day. I read all the way back to the beginning. Thank you and your "brothers" for what you do for public safety!

  7. "As a matter of fact, since you obviously have a less-than-positive view of me already, for every comment along these veins, I shall go out and write five more tickets in your honor."

    MC you rock. Plain and simple. lmfao!!!

    Congrats on the article and the new bebe!

  8. Wow Great article!!! And Congrats to you and the mrs MC for the JR MC lol… may he/she follow in your footsteps.

  9. Yep, you're def still one of my favorite blogs. And now you are getting the notice you deserve! 🙂

  10. I admit- I followed the link from the MSN article. I own a 2006 Corvette, and wanted to see how it faired on the list of most ticketed. Apparently, didn't make the top 10. (No complaints)

    I also admit, I work for a local government in Colorado. I interact with our local PD on several fronts, not least of which is the processing for a Site Plan for our new Police Headquarters Facility. I have a lot of admiration for the work they do, but that doesn't stop me from yanking their chains on occasion.

    Me: I'm a fan of CSI
    COP: What a stupid show. I hate it!
    Me: That's because it's brought to you by the folks who brought you Star Trek: The Next Generation.
    COP: That explains a lot, actually.
    Me: So when are we going to get to the point where your department solves all its crimes in 60 minutes, with four commercial breaks?
    COP: When we fund the PD with the same amount each episode of CSI gets.
    Me: As that isn't going to happen any time soon, can I interest you in a doughnut?
    COP: No, but you can tell me the next time you plan to take your Corvette out. There's a public interest at stake here.
    Me: What? And advise law enforcement of my plans to violate posted speed limits? As if.

    The Cop in that dialogue is a Captain with our PD, and a good friend. I worked closely with him on the new PD facility, but our frienship goes back years to when my department was originally located on the second floor above the Police Department (small town, limited space.)

    MC, I've spent a good part of today going through your archives. I've arrived at the conclusion that you are good man, and the fact that you like Guiness is a big plus. I need to introduce you to Murphy's Irish Stout.

    As for lawyers (Hello, DA), can I just register my irritation at the fact that I've been sub poenaed three times in the past year on land development law suits. Effin' lawyers. I triumphed on every occasion: two condemnation suits, and a hostile witness in the arbitration between two feuding partners in a land development company. Lawyers fear me. I like it that way.

  11. I also found your blog through the MSN article. I've started at the beginning and am working my way forward. Keep it up…this is hilarious stuff! Definitely my new favorite blog!

  12. Congrads on the new Rookie coming. I hope you feel better. I also have a summer cold or something I hope it is not a computer virus that is attacking cop bloggers…..

  13. Yep! I found your blog through the MSN article as well and I must say I love the style in which you write. I have no hard feelings towards cops, not even the ones that pull me over. My theory is if I got pulled over for speeding its about time right? We are all bound to get caught which is why I'm always pleasant with cops!

    Congrats on baby#2 on the way. Hubby and I are expecting our first one!

  14. I'm glad you are getting your much deserved increase in readers! Hopefully someday my blog will be so lucky 😉 lol

  15. I came to your blog through MSN as well. You are now on my "must read" blog list. As a daughter of a state trooper, some of your stories are definitely familiar! It really irks me that law enforcement doesn't get the respect it deserves most of the time. Congrats on your expanding family!

  16. as someone also driving a Corvette, I have frequent interactions with our locals in Virginia. every time you pull someone over you never know what kind of jackass and/or danger you are going to get. i treat every officer with respect and take my medicine I earned. these are great blogs and i enjoy the stories of the idiots out there as well as the views of the right side of the law. thanks!

  17. I was under the impression Mr. Sofge was going to let me know when that bit was published.

    I didn't expect to find out about it from a 4,800 hit day on StatCounter!

  18. Haha! I also got here through the MSN article and /also/ have read every post from the beginning. I love it! And I plan on perusing (is that how that's spelled? I'm not sure and I'm too lazy to look it up at the moment) HappyMedic's blog next.

    I love the name of this blog. I hate getting pulled over, but it's the same as when I got caught sneaking a cookie by my mom when I was 8! But darnit I wanted that cookie! I do try and drive like my life depends on it, though, cause it does, and not just mine. I've seen what comes into the ER.

    Thanks for your insight and keep up the good (read: soul-crushing) work 😉


  19. I'm another one who hopped on to your bandwagon through the MSN article. I chuckled when I saw your title bar (If you got stopped… you deserved it) because I told my dad exactly that the other day when he got ticketed for multiple traffic offenses. It was also another moment when I realized that it hasn't been a mistake that I'm a long-time dispatcher for officers like you. Truly, I love every line I've read so far– as you've said, you can't make this stuff up!

  20. Well now i have spent about 20hours reading through all this,and still more to go through..allz i say is this is like a frikk'n cyber orgasm!I have been searching forever for this kind of person(MC,aka motor cop)..I still don't quite know how i found this pure gold blog 3 days ago..but w-h-e-w!
    I am the most addicted to your style of cyber speech!
    Extremely genuis in speeech a dash of Christian,a sprinkle of foul mouth,alas is that a frikk'n mirror i gaze into!

  21. I didn't read the MSN article, but somehow found your site through Officer Smith's and TGR's blogs.

    God, you make me laugh. Oh, to be able to tell it like you can would be divine.

    But alas, I don't blog anonymously, so I will continue to live vicariously through you!

    Cheers from North of the border,


  22. MC, I also found your blog through the MSN article and have spent the last 3 nights reading it on all of our downtime. I work as an EMT on an ambulance down here in San Diego, so we value any of the downtime we get, and your blog is at the top of the list of something to do! It's 0454 right now, and I just finished reading the *entire* thing.

    Thanks for the entertaining stories and the many many hours or so of reading!

  23. Ok me,Mr.Anonymous is back.I just wanted to say what i forgot to say yesterday.Please get writing a book about this in this same format!!I'll take a book over a dumb assed compter sceen any day of the year,and you can take it in the crappper or on a bus/plane without a retarded freezing comptuter!The last book i enjoyed(but MC tops it by superman leaps) was "What cops know", though i recommend it people here.I suspect you could buy that '2009 mercedes' you like so MC.

  24. Found a link to your blog and must say it's pretty funny! Congrats to you and the missus on your soon-to-be-here kid!

  25. I'm also one who found your blog through the MSN article. Your stuff is great. I've been down and out with a bad toothache lately and this has given me something to laugh at and get my mind off things. Keep up all the good work. And congrats on the addition.

  26. Hi there – found the way to your blog via the article on msn – thankfully my car is not on the list, as seems to be the case with any other German cars too.
    Anyway, I've spent approximately an hour reading about your life as a cop (a friend of mine is a rookie at the moment) and I must say, you write very well and vividly, and I'm wondering if I may have chosen the wrong career! 🙂 Keep on writing… you got a new follower
    Greetings from Germany


  27. As an Highway Patrol Officer in Arizona I welcome your humor, your insight and whit. The other day I stopped an older model nissan pickup, primer gray, lowered blah blah blah. I stopped him because he had a crack in his winshield the size of the Grande Canyon. I approached the vehicle and the first thing out of his mouth was, " What, is it the look of the truck?" to which I replied, "No, I just didn't like the way that crack in your winshield was looking at me!" Oh yeah, and you weren't wearing your seatbelt. Anyway, our job is dangerous but I find much humor in what we do. Stay safe brother!.

    PS, I am posting this under my wife's blog. Feel free to visit and read our hectic lives!

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