Wearing a Kilt Will Save Your Life*

*I have no scientific evidence with which to justify this statement.  I am, however, using the kilt as a metaphor for…oh, just read the damn post.

At 0427 yesterday morning, I almost pulled my tired ass out of bed to write this post for a number of reasons.

1. I was already awake with MClet #3 (girl, 6 lbs 120z, 19 1.2″ born 8/25…thank you).

2. I haven’t posted anything in what feels like weeks.

3. The post was writing itself in my head and I knew if I didn’t get up and write it down, out it would sail.

As it turns out, I didn’t get up for a couple of reasons.

1. It was 0427 and I was bloody tired.

2. I really don’t need another reason.  0427 is too early.

I had my tweet all ready to roll.  Wanna see it?  “Up and killing it early!  #Hustle #KiltedtoKickCancer”.  And then I’d have added @bryanallain and @jonacuff to drop some names because, well, it seems I’m a name dropper.

The consequence to my second set of reasons can be found in reason #3 regarding me almost getting up.  So, what follows is what I was able to save from the depths of my sleep-deprived mind.

What if I told you that wearing a kilt once a year would help to protect you from a deadly disease that claims some 33,000 men a year?  Would you bear the alleged embarrassment?  What about wearing it for 30 consecutive days?  Who would be crazy enough to do that?

Quite a few of us, as it turns out.

You all know my partner-in-crime, Happy Medic, is the other half of Kilted to Kick Cancer, but it seems we are not alone.  Fellow EMS blogger, AmboDriver, has taken the KTKC crusade to a completely different level.  While HM and I are content raising awareness, AD wants to raise money.  PCF.org has created a donation site specifically for KTKC.  AD has compiled a number of different prizes for the bloggers that raise the most money.  He explains his genius here.

As I type this, HM is in Vegas for the EMS Expo.  Seems this little expo is the largest of its kind in the country.  HM is giving two presentations on Friday.  In a kilt.  AD is giving presentations of his own.  In a kilt.  There are a number of other KTKC supporters that are going to be kilted.  What started as two kilted first responders is growing by the minute.

And we aren’t limited to first responders.  Alex Simpson (@unkilted) contacted us about our original .org site for KTKC.  He very politely told us the site was crap.  He was right.  He fixed it.  For free.  As it happens, Alex is a big fan of the kilt.  To be honest, I have no idea how he found out about KTKC, but I am extremely happy that he did.

This is the official Kilted to Kick Cancer site.  From here you can make donations, submit kilted photos, find out more info about KTKC and our sponsors, and keep up-to-date on the blog.

Again, I would be remiss if I didn’t bang the drum for our amazing, incredible, over-the-top sponsors, Magnum Boots and AltKilt.  Without them, HM and I would be two fools wearing last year’s kilt in flip-flops and old t-shirts.  We are forever in your debt, folks!

Finally, let me remind you why we’re doing all of this…besides getting to wear kilts for 30 days, that is.  We want you to get yourselves to a doctor and get checked.  Ladies, we want you to get your men in to get checked.  If you want them around for an extended period of time, it would behoove you to help protect them.  We’ll support you in October, believe you me.  We may very well love your boobs more than you love our prostate, but the simple fact is protecting both of those body parts will help extend all of our lives.

Get ready, September.

Get kilted.

Get checked.

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  1. I own three kilts. I was wearing a traditional kilt for my wedding. Wool Kilts are really hot in August!. Great post MC!

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