We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog…

It seems you kids are enjoying the new look! Many thanks…HM and I are quite proud of it as well. I’ve gotten a couple emails regarding some items that have gone missing. You will now see the blogroll of a select few LEO/EMS/FIRE friends further down on the right sidebar. Feel free to click away and tell them MC sent you!

It was a crazy week in Town. I worked quite a bit of OT and got myself a nice little arrest. Two neighborhood knuckleheads decided to burglarize a nice elderly couples home after they and the grandkids left for a bit. We caught ’em and recovered all the property. Consequently, however, I had to stay late in addition to the following two days of longer than normal hours. At any rate, posts are coming your way…
One last thanks again for all the positive feedback! I’m excited to have brought you a new look!

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