Watch out…we’re multiplying…

Long before my glorious Motor days, I was a dispatcher. Believe me when I tell you they are the life’s blood of any law enforcement agency. They’re human as well and sometimes attitudes clash on the air, but at the end of the day, they are the ones saving our proverbial bacon (Yes, I said bacon. Yes, I realize the irony.)

When I interviewed for my original position with my department, they asked me the typical “Why do you want to be in law enforcement?” question. My response dealt with a detail I handled whilst dispatching. Without getting long and drawn out, it was a date rape/sexual battery caper. The short answer is I was the only one on the planet at that particular moment in time that could help that woman. They were in the middle of nowhere and there were no other people around. I don’t answer the phone, maybe things don’t go so well for her. At any rate, two things happened to me that day. I felt a huge amount of pride for directing units to her and subsequently the suspect minutes later. Secondly, the adrenaline, baby. Oh sweet Lord, the adrenaline.

At any rate, on a recent post, I received a request for an “honorable mention” regarding a new blog. I must say it is I who is honored to bring it to the light of day. Dispatchers have a thankless job. They get thanked less than I do. Which is why nearly without fail, I thank them at the end of every request. I mean the thanks. Every time. If I’m getting my ass handed to me, I have every faith Dispatch will direct help my way. I put just as much faith in them as I do my actual beat partners.

So, thank you Dispatch, and without further ado…please to enjoy…

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2 thoughts on “Watch out…we’re multiplying…

  1. Thank you. The stories will be a little slower as I don't have quite the interaction with the motoring and non motoring public that you do.

    When the fecal matter hits the rotating oscillator we both have each others backs and for that I am grateful.

    Keep up the good work and stay safe. You have an important job. – Operator.

  2. New Partner for MC
    He is only 14 but on his first day of impersonating a police officer he volunteered for a 'Traffic Car'.

    He showed up in uniform and said he was from another district in the dept.

    He signs out a radio and ticket book and is assigned a partner.
    He was out on streets for 5 hours.
    Not until the shift was over that anyone asks who he is..

    Check this out :

    I love this "Away they go again. This time he asks if he can drive and she lets him."

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