Warning! Horn Tooting Below!

Yesterday, I tweeted “Two awesome things about my job. 1. Neighbors that pay attention 2. Tweeting from a residential burglary crime scene after catching the bad guy”.  I was pretty excited and none too unhappy with myself and my fellow officers.  Since the case hasn’t been adjudicated, I can’t go into the specifics, but I can share certain information.

First, the original PR (Person Reporting) was a rock star.  This guy is what every cop hopes for in a witness.  This guy is what everyone hopes for in a neighbor.  I’ll post about witnesses in the next couple of days to illustrate some important points.

Second, I learned today that the suspect’s bail was increased to $1.75 Million.  That’s $1,750,000!  That’s one million seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars!  No matter how it’s written, it kicks ass.  Why so much for a residential burglary, you ask?

Fair question.  Here’s why: he’s facing a third strike.  Seems that his bail goes up exponentially for each additional felony based on the strike issue.  Previous strikes include a violent sexual crime for which he had recently been released from parole.  He stole about $7k worth of property.  We recovered about $6k worth of the same property.  The victim (who wasn’t home at the time) was thrilled to get his laptop and very nice digital camera back.

It took about nine of us to handle the original detail, locate witnesses, locate the suspect, detain the suspect, identify the victim, process the scene, ferry witnesses back and forth for an in-field lineup, transport suspect, interview suspect, document the incident, and file the case with the D.A.

It was teamwork from start to finish.  I love my job.  It’s a lot of fun; however, it’s the people I work with that are the key.  We have fun when there’s fun to be had and we all buckle down and work when it’s time.  The great thing of it is we know when those times are.

We took a very bad man off the streets.  He runs a legitimate risk of never breathing free air again.  I’m going to sleep like a baby tonight.

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7 thoughts on “Warning! Horn Tooting Below!

  1. You know why I like your blog? You give me this window into a world I know nothing about. Nice work out there. Looking forward to hearing more about the rock star neighbor. I’m giving you a little shout-out in my next post.

  2. It is always awesome when any organization operates as a team with each part clicking in with precision, timing, and gains an effect that we can all cheer about.
    I am curious about the comment that it took 9 of you. Was that only the sworn officers, or do you also count the Dispatchers etc.?
    If you were tweeting from the crime scene, it sort of implies that the time line from report to arrest was in hours maybe?
    Was the turn out- response to the call- because the report was an in progress report?
    The reason I ask is that what would have been different if the caller was the home owner to report that his home had been broken into?

    • The nine figure was a ballpark and just included boots on the ground at the detail. Report to arrest time was 30 mins. Took us another 10 or so to figure out who the vic was. I’ll post more when I talk about the reporting party.

      Yes, it would have been much different if it was the homeowner that called to report it hours after the crime occurred.

  3. always nice when the system works. i go on ride-a-longs with my brother when i get the chance. i was in line for testing for Portland PD when i got knocked-up with my first kid. guess God knew it was best i didn’t carry a gun.

  4. I felt empowered just by reading this – great job! My home was burglarized a few years back and thankfully I didn’t even have $7,000 worth of stuff to take. I wish my neighbors had been rock stars. I also wish their son would outgrow riding a dirt bike in a circle without a muffler on Sunday afternoons.

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