Want a FREE Copy of My eBook?

Click the image to receive your FREE copy!

Click the image to receive your FREE copy!

I have threatened to write an eBook for quite some time. Well, after months of working on it, I have finally completed the task!

The eBook is a sampling of the last 6 ½ years of blogging, as well as a handful of posts I’ve written for Uniform Stories. There is an added bonus of never-before-published posts.

A lot of you have already received a free copy of the eBook after subscribing to my email list. If you have yet to sign up, there are a number of ways to do so…including simply clicking the cover image for the eBook to the right.

There will be more eBooks in the future. I’m also working on an audiobook for “If you Got Stopped…You Deserved It!” The audiobook will have additional posts and features not previously available in the digital copy. I’m really excited about the audiobook. Those that know me tell me time and again how they hear me when they read my work.

Soon, you’ll have the same experience!

I have also changed my Mailchimp settings to once a week as opposed to every time a post gets published. If you’ve previously unsubscribed because you felt like you were getting inundated by emails, rest assured that has been resolved.

Not only will you get a FREE copy of my latest eBook if you sign up for my subscriber list, but you’ll be among the first to know what I’m working on for the future. The eBook will only be available for FREE through the end of December, 2014, so act now!

As usual, I thank you for your dedication and support!

Subscribers will receive a FREE copy of MC's eBook including never-before-published posts!

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3 thoughts on “Want a FREE Copy of My eBook?

  1. Hey!!! I made the eBook…well sort of…via link. But still!! Good read so far. If you haven’t guessed, I’m up to the Fonz.

  2. Downloaded, started to read, I will finish. promise. Merry Christmas Brother.

  3. I got my copy of the e-book the other day, and sat down and read the entire thing last night. It brought back memories of some of your previous blog posts I had read before (and of course I’ve read all your posts on Uniform Stories also), and I thoroughly enjoyed the new material as well! Very well done sir!

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