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Not too long ago, I was contacted by a young man claiming to be from some website and he liked my writing.

Initially, I hovered over the delete button because I anticipated the typical “You write good.  Our site will be very complementary to yours.  For to write some things many readers enjoy, you shall love out site.”

For whatever reason (I probably had a couple a beers in me), I read on.

This email was a bit different.  He referenced actual posts and The Crossover Show.  Dude even claimed he watched the damn thing.  I don’t even watch it.  I’m like Bobby De Niro (Bobby D, if you’re as close as we are) like that.  We don’t watch our own stuff.

I got to the end of the email and it appeared to signed from someone that was fluent in my mother tongue, English.

Again, I had an inkling of doubt, but I clicked through to the “website” preparing to click off quickly and shake my head like an Etch-a-Sketch if the visions that appeared were of the soiree of sour fruit variety (Happy Medic knows what I’m talking about).

Alas, my misgivings were off-base.  One thing led to another and I actually had a Skype conversation with that young man.  He purported to hail from the East coast and was willing to stay up well past his bed time to chat.  During our conversation, he laughed at my jokes and stroked my ego offered some salient points regarding his inquiry as to my interest in writing some original content for UniformStories.com.

I teased the new gig on the FB page for a bit and announced the new venue on Friday this past week.  If you missed it, however, you can see the intro video below (featuring a cameo from the Wife):

I’m looking forward to creating some new content at US and getting back into a more regular thing here as well.  They’re all about sharing the love, so do yourself a favor and check out UniformStories.com and take a gander at all the uniformed servicemen/women that are putting their lives on the line for us day in and day out.

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  1. Are you the ONLY Motor Cop in Kalifornia that doesn’t have a take-home bike?

    Or just for illustration purposes?

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