Two Wheel Terror

Just a heads up, all…I’ve gotten a couple comments about 2WT’s blog comment issues…I am actually in a Recon class with him this week and I made mention of our inability to leave comments.

He is aware and will rectify the situation when he can. I had the same problem the rest of you had, so I’ll bug him again tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up!

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5 thoughts on “Two Wheel Terror

  1. Are you psychic or something? That is wayyyyyy scary, I was just trying to find a way to ask him to open comments.

  2. Thank you so much MC! You rock…. how does a starbucks card sound??? …. if i can find a starbucks around here….. 😛

  3. Recon is short for Traffic Accident Reconstruction. This is actually TAR II (five days of case studies). I plan on sharing the mind-melting work with you all soon.

  4. Thanks for buggin him for us.

    And I can picture you both in class, double trouble I'm sure.

    Take care and keep the rubber side down (well, once you get out of recon).

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