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I was recently contacted by the folks over at the History Channel about a new show they are putting on called “Top Shot”. From

Whether it’s William Tell using a crossbow to shoot an apple off his son’s head, or Annie Oakley using a hand mirror to make a shot with a rifle slung over her shoulder, history is filled with legendary tales of amazing marksmanship. Now, HISTORY is tapping into these inspiring feats of sharp-shooting for its first-ever competition series, Top Shot, premiering Sunday, June 6 at 10/9c on HISTORY.

Sixteen of the nation’s most skilled marksmen have been carefully selected to compete for the title. Some have professional shooting experience, some are amateurs–and all will showcase breathtaking timing, speed and accuracy in their quest to win the $100,000 prize package and the title of “Top Shot.” The winner will ultimately have to be skilled in everything from muzzle-loading muskets and modern pistols to slingshots and throwing knives.

Each week, contenders will face both team and individual elimination challenges until one winner remains. Every challenge will focus on the weapons, technologies and techniques of different historical eras as hi-speed HD cameras capture the skillful execution of each test in extreme slow-motion.

Contestants vying for “Top Shot” include professional shooters–like the first woman in the history of the Chicago Police Department to become “Top Gun” of her graduating class–and world-record holders, but there are also amateurs like a Wild West entertainer, a historical firearms collector and a radio gun show host. From a 22-year-old rifle prodigy to a 47-year-old retired city cop, they’ll need skill, toughness and nerves of steel to claim the Top Shot title.

I think by now I’ve established myself as a bit of a TV lover, right? Check out the promotional video:
So fire up those DVRs, kids. This looks like a pretty cool show and I’ll definitely be tuning in! Guns, knives, assorted weapons and competition? Oh, hell yes, I’m in! The History Channel, in conjunction with XBOX (my other addiction), is also having two contests to promote “Top Shots”! The first is simply a sweepstakes (info here) in which you and a friend could travel to Los Angeles for a Microsoft game-related event. The second involves a little more skill (info here). Between June 4th at 0001 hrs and June 5th at 2359 hrs, fire up your XBOX and play a little Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 2 over XBOX Live. The best online players will be eligible for prizes like an HDTV, home theater system and an XBOX Elite. Remember to look for Motorcop on XBOX Live, as well!
Consider yourselves informed…

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5 thoughts on “Top Shot

  1. Thanks for the heads up. Won't Indubitably be surprised when I press the DVR button for him? 🙂

  2. My brother (Caleb Giddings) is one of the contestants. It's going to be fun to watch.

    And as a random sidenote, our father was a 20-year Sheriff's deputy, so go kids of LEOs.

  3. Ooooooh I'm in. This sounds neat. Hopefully they'll find a way to make it exciting. Shooting competitions don't translate well to TV. I like the broad reach of expertise needed. Not too many USPSA shooters can throw a knife and I know few shoot muzzle-loaders. 3-gun competitors will have a distinct advantage over single discipline shooters I gotta think.

  4. Which one are you? The female? jk Actually we know you are the Knotts Berry far WIld West Shooter. Break a Leg!

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