Times, they are a-changin

The economy sucks. I hope you were sitting down. It’s bad enough that times are tough for most of us. Things are bad with businesses, both public and private. Police/Fire/EMS…all of our budgets are getting slashed. But, here’s something you may not be aware of…the District Attorney’s Office is also suffering.

We had occasion today to have a meeting with the filing DA for vehicular-related deaths. It was informative and will help us investigate fatal collisions while keeping what the DA is looking for in mind. There was a sidebar regarding their staffing levels, though. We’ve been hearing some rumours of late about what their office will be going through this year.

Our county will be reducing their staff of 99 to about 73 by year’s end. They will file only ‘core’ misdemeanors. Those include DUIs and domestic violence cases. PC 148 (misdemeanor resisting) and PC 69 (obstructing/resisting executive officer) will be taken on a case-by-case basis. Almost every other misdemeanor will not be prosecuted. This includes your simple assaults (bar fights, etc), fraud cases, vandalism, petty thefts (shoplifting, etc.), and a host of others.

And you thought the crime rate was climbing now….

If I didn’t have this stupid moral compass, I’d be a hell of lot richer in the coming months.

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3 thoughts on “Times, they are a-changin

  1. I interviewed at your County, and they turned me down. WHO'S LAUGHIN' NOW!?!?!?!

    In all seriousness, I've got a couple of bro's in that office. They are probably dead folks walkin', job wise. It sucks, because they are pretty damn good people.

    Your DA is probably playing chicken with the county, to some degree. When the Chamber of Commerce learns that 484/488/490.5 isn't going to be prosecuted, and that all the 594s are going to walk, the county might find some hidden source of funding to keep some of them.

    If not, I'm going to start stealing all my booze from liqour stores in your county 😉

  2. Fantastic. And of course you know they will broadcast it on the news. Kind of like how our agency doesn't do vehicle pursuits for much of anything. They all know they can just get away….and now fewer prosecutions. Great.

  3. Our D.A.'s Office has been handpicking only those cases they know they can plead out.. or the major media ones.. for years now.

    Crime has gotten out of control here! Good Luck! While we need more officer's we also need more (hacking a fur ball) D.A.'s and judges to handle everything and play major catch up!

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