This video has it all…

Thanks to Jennifer and Radar Signs for the following video. Seriously, it’s got everything a traffic dork like me wants…stats and crashes! Please to enjoy…

Just goes to show you…slow down…the life you save may be your own!


For some reason, part of the video is cut off (Thanks for the heads up, Sandra!). Being the Html neophyte that I am, I don’t seem to be able to properly size the video. So, you can go here to see it without the retarded cut off.

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6 thoughts on “This video has it all…

  1. Damn! That was tough to watch. The big-rig piling into the traffic was too much.Gonna make my son watch this later. Damn.

  2. The unfortunate reality of having 100+ million licensed drivers on the road in US is that it only takes a very tiny minority who find all kinds of newsworthy ways to off themselves in order to produce startling numbers that the the two-nickles-on-a-dime crowd waves around every chance they get.

    Let me mention a few other practices I think MC failed to mention that every driver should follow at all times BEFORE slowing down:

    1. You hands should be at the 9-3 or 10-2 position on the steering wheel at all times. This gives you a solid base of support during straight-line braking and keeps your wrists clear of the bomb inside your steering wheel aka airbag.

    2. Unless you are maneuvering on a parking lot, your left hand should never reach over to the right half of the steering wheel and vice versa. Shuffle steering is essential to smooth inputs during high-speed driving.

    3. Turn your head in the direction of intended travel at least 200ft ahead, NOT the 5"x5" square of the road 30ft ahead of your bumper. Yes, that means turning your frigging head into the turn as you negotiate a curve, an on-ramp, or when you change lanes.

    4. Speaking of curves and ramps, outside-apex-outside gives you better traction and visibility at any given speed. Apex the curve late on a typical onramp and apex early for an offramp.

    5. Never brake hard while going around a curve unless absolutely necessary.

    6. Other than that, pay attention, use your seatbelt, and slow down until you get the hang of 1-5!

    Did I miss any other big ones?


    P.S. My last car got totaled after being t-boned by an Indian gentleman who was so fixated on keeping the speedlimit of 35mph, he didn't notice that the light went from green to red, nor the little blue car making a protected left turn :((

  3. I have only had 2 wrecks in my life. My first one we weren't speeding however, the speed limit was 55. And we hit head on. Me in a small Saturn and her in an SUV. I was lucky not to have been killed, and I'm sure had myself or the other driver been speeding I may have been.

  4. Anonymous's case is proof that speed is not the problem. Speed happens all the time at the German Autobahns.

    It's distractions, inattentiveness, and just a general lack of knowledge on how a car behaves that causes problems.

    I have always been a strong proponent of stricter license tests. The Finnish system should be more than enough for most American roads.

    The other thing I've noticed is that in America, driving is something you do while drinking a soda or talking on the cellphone. There needs to be a total cultural revamp in attitude towards driving if we want safer roads.

    I propose that we force everyone who wants a license to successfully lap a selected race track under a certain time.

  5. Review from a film critic. Allegedly…

    "The Truth About Speeding" had a lot to recommend it, initially. Compelling footage of speeding vehicles, coupled with some stunning expositive statistics. I mean, I'm sold on the that inattentive driving/driving while texting/excessive speed is a really bad personal decision. I was completely into the message, until…

    The denoument of this story was not some citizen who had come to an epiphany about speeding, and learned the errors of his/her ways. No, it turned out to be a commercial. "Affordable." "Solar Powered." "Effective."

    This critic hopes that in the sequel (and it can safely be concluded there will be one), such human drama as the enduring message of learning the error of one's speeding habits, will be the ultimate story, rather than the hope that one's Public Works budget is sizeable enough to purchase a few Radar Signs.

    I can only give this three stars out of a possible five, given the let down in the conclusion.

    Yes, I know: PatrickM, you're a smartass. But I said "allegedly" a film critic.

  6. That's a pretty good video. I've seen the Radarsigns up around my neighbourhood here in Canada. They work pretty well. After the PD took them down, people are still slowing down to the acceptable speed limit (it's always 10kph over the posted limit here) on the roads where the signs/radars were. It's pretty scary what inattention can do on the road.

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