“This isn’t fair”

Usually, the title of this post is accompanied with much ballyhoo, whining, and a general sense of bitchiness after I’ve stopped someone for some violation or other. Now, I could rehash the vast number of posts I’ve made regarding taking responsibility, admitting your mistake, and the like, but this particular time I chose to take a different tack.

**After stopping, explaining, and citing**
Driver: This isn’t fair.
MC: You know, I used to say the same thing to my High School teacher. His response was always, “Fare is a four letter word that applies to the bus.”
Driver (looked dumbfounded)
MC: Drive safely.
That teacher used the same line for 25+ years. How do I know? He used the same line on my Mom when he was her teacher in the late 60’s. I don’t remember shit from that class (if memory serves it was History), but I do remember that little gem. One day I might take up embroidery just so I can sew that shit on a pillow.

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7 thoughts on ““This isn’t fair”

  1. This is my standard snappy comeback: "Fair? No, you're right, this isn't fair. At the fair you get cotton candy."

  2. This isn't fair.

    You're right. The fair doesn't come around until August.

  3. Bitterman,

    I stand corrected. Except that I am sitting down, but you get the point.

  4. dang I thought I was going to be witty by saying "the fair is where you go to ride the ponies and eat cotton candy" but several someones beat me to it. So much for witty.

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