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Late last month, I attended the funeral for Hayward Sgt. Scott Lunger. It was a gathering of not only the Blue Family, but those that support us. We gathered to honor the memory, the life, and the sacrifice of Scott Lunger.

Before the funeral, the Wife and I revisited a common theme at MCPD. We lamented the number of funerals I’ve attended. We know it comes with the territory of being a motor officer. I daresay I’ve been to more funerals than most officers not assigned to a motor unit. The job of honoring the fallen and escorting them most often falls to us.

During one particular conversation, though the Wife told me the following:

We are always saying we’re this family, this Thin Blue Family. But, the only time we gather is during times of sorrow. Families don’t do that. Families gather in times of happiness as well. If we’re really a family, it’s time to start acting like one.

She’s absolutely right.

With that in mind, MCPD is inviting local Bay Area LEOs to spend a few hours together on August 15th between 1500 and 1800 hours at a #BYOPicnic.

Where, you ask?

You’ll have to shoot me an email or a message on the Facebook page and let me know with what department you are affiliated. If you want to hang a flyer at your PD, let me know and I’ll forward one to you!

I’ve already gotten a few emails from folks wanting to take part. I’ve also gotten some from folks that love the idea but are from quite a distance away.

If the latter is you, there is no reason you can’t launch an event like this in your neck of the woods. If you’re interested and you want a flyer template we created, shoot me an email and I’ll get it to you.

My friends, I know we are inundated in the media with stories of how we are all crooked or evil or degenerates. I get it. It’s easy to succumb to those ideas when they are constantly blasted into seemingly every conversation we see…but it isn’t the truth. The Silent Majority is out there and they don’t subscribe to the current media-driven narrative.

Again, the Wife and I would love to meet you if you’re a local LEO. Bring your family. Bring some food. Bring your stories. We’ll spend some time hanging out and just being a family.

A Blue family.

Because family is what we are. It’s time to start acting as such.

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7 thoughts on “Thin Blue Family

  1. Just a suggestion… and it’s sad that it bears saying… Keep it hush-hush. With all the psychos out there who wish ill on anything and anyone law-enforcement-related, there’s absolutely no telling what someone might do if they knew there was a large gathering of police and their families in one place, especially in a setting where there isn’t heightened security. My wife has been in law enforcement for almost 15 years, and my in-laws have been for over double that time. I have a special place in my heart for law enforcement. I hope this turns out to be a very special day for all of you.