There’s never a cop when you need…oh, wait, there’s one.

Today, whilst sitting at one of my prized and varied haunts, I had occasion to witness a failure to yield. Not to me, mind you, but rather between two motorists at a T-intersection controlled by stop signs.

How many times have you waited your allotted time at a stop sign only to have some clueless moron (or downright jackass) jump ahead of you? Yeah…me, too. How many times have you thrown up your hands and said to yourself, “Dammit! There’s never a cop around!” Believe it or not…me, too.
Consequently, when I witnessed that very thing today in uniform upon my motor, I got to see the range of emotions from the “victim car”.
Picture this: a T-intersection with the top of the T running west/east and the the base north/south. Two cars approach the stop sign controlled intersection westbound. A third approaches southbound. The first car westbound stops and then goes.
Quick…whose turn is it next???
Yup, the southbound. She begins to enter the intersection…only to have the second westbound driver jump ahead of her. This all happened within seconds, by the way. At any rate, I saw the woman driving southbound throw up her hands in veritable disgust and I damn near saw one of those cartoon balloons pop up above her head with this inside:
“Seriously?!? What a jerk! How come there’s never a cop arou…oh! There’s one!”
At which point, our hero fires up the bike, hits the lights and rides by to cheers and beautiful, fainting women. Well, not exactly, but she did smile, wave and say, “Thanks!” Close enough, right?
Sometimes, it’s just nice to feel justified and to see that look of appreciation on someone’s face. Mostly, when I’m not behind them, but the point remains…

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7 thoughts on “There’s never a cop when you need…oh, wait, there’s one.

  1. Now don't go around in a cape and we are still good 😉 LOL That is great! Could have used ya around today.

  2. yay MC!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 I wish you had been there yesterday when a [ahem] driver made a right turn on a green without yielding to the four peds in the crosswalk. Four peds being me and my three children, standing practically in her window.

    Maybe if she hadn't been on the phone she would have noticed us. So instead I screamed "Get off your PHONE!" which probably did nothing except make me feel better about almost being killed. With my three kids. ugh.

  3. CA Cop and I were driving together just the other day when a driver comitted some offense against us. I nudged him and gave him the ol' wish there was a cop around line (he didn't find my delivery quite as comical as I did), but anyhow…keep swooping in, MC. Put those CA drivers in there place.

    I enjoy your blog.

  4. Sometimes I think that if I was a Traffic Cop (or motor cop if you like…), I'd never go home. I'd spend weeks on end waiting for and catching the idiots that put all our lives at risk so that they can get to wherever they're going 10 seconds earlier… Fancy a week in London? You'd have plenty to blog about!!! 😀

  5. I have 3 4-way stops each way. Ya either get the one that can't wait their turn, or ya get the one that sits there & gives everyone else your turn for 10 min. I sometimes wonder if I'm the only one that's read the state manual – or even knows there is one.

    I just also love the fact that where I live, I seem to be the only one that even stops @ the signs. I've notified the police & after a doz complaints, they will put a MARKED car @ ONE stop sign for a few hours & then when I complain, I get well, when we put a car out there, he only wrote 2 tickets. 'CAUSE HE WAS IN A MARKED CAR!!! I mean REALLY?! You don't have any UNMARKED ones?

    But then I live in a town where even the police don't stop @ half of tehm & also go the wrong way down the one way street 'cos they're too lazy to go around (I see it several times a DAY, so there's no way they're ALL going to an emergency & they NEVER have their lights on).

    & I live around a major university, so don't even get me started on teh bikes that want to be a vehicle when it suits them & a pedestrian when that suits them, having not learned that if the wheels are under you, you're a vehicle, if you're walking the bike, you're a ped! The cops won't do anything about the guy that rides around daily half naked doing 60 mph on a 10 speed ignoring ALL traffice signs & lights.

  6. Good job, MC! I give you a hat tip and hoist of the old bourbon glass. Know that you are appreciated.

  7. Oh man, that was an awesome story! Thank you for being there for someone who certainly was thinking 'where's a cop when I need one?'.

    Any chance you could come out to Jersey and catch either the idiots constantly crossing the yellow line into oncoming traffic near where I live, or the morons at my local Wegman's, who either stop on the way into the parking lot (where they have no stop sign) or fail to stop on the way out (where they do have a stop sign)? That would make me so happy… 😛

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