The Zimmerman Verdict

I’m not sure folks understand the way the justice system works.

Here’s the deal:

The accused is afforded a trial.  Two sides present their respective cases.  A bunch of people listen to both sides and weigh the evidence.  Those people, called the jury, are then instructed by the judge to determine guilt.  They are given what are called jury instructions.  The jury retires to a chamber and talk for a number of hours and then come to a decision regarding the guilt or innocence of the accused.  The verdict is read in open court.

Make sense?

Oh, you say it does, but I’m not convinced.  Allow me to explain further:

Can this be true?!?

Can this be true?!?

Unless you stayed tuned in to the entire trial, there is going to be shit presented to which you are not privy.  Consequently, you watch a mainstream media talking head sum up the day’s proceeding in a 90-second sound bite on the evening news.  You combine that with your preconceived notions about the alleged guilt of the accused based on the race of both the victim and the accused.  As a result, you are forming a ton of ill-informed and, dare I say, ignorant opinions on the case.

Unless you were on the jury, tuned in daily and never missed a second, or read this blog that did a damn good job of recapping the days’ events, then your opinion is more than likely not based on fact.  Rather, it is based on misconceptions, your assumptions of race, and a knee-jerk society that doesn’t like to base its opinions on pesky facts.

“Anti-police protesters” burned, graffitied, and vandalized Oakland, CA, last night.  I’ve got a couple things to mention about that.  First off, this is not the first time I’ve taken issue with “Protestors” before in my post, “An Open Letter to San Francisco Protestors“.  Second, the fact that the term “anti-police” is being used is hilarious because, you see, the cops had nothing to do with the incident.    They didn’t shoot anyone.  They didn’t beat anyone.  They didn’t falsely accuse anyone.  As a matter of fact, the only reason the case got filed was due to the court of public opinion.

But you folks in the “anti-police” camp just love to stir up whatever denizens of the past you can conjure up to attempt to justify your criminal behavior…like vandalism and arson.  Yet again, you idiots are promulgating the very stereotype you purport to despise.

Here’s another issue.  Why the hell are people in CA protesting the verdict and the police from a state on the other side of the fucking country?  You know Oakland PD wasn’t there, right?  You know you’re mucking up your own neighborhoods, right?

Hey, tear it up.  I neither live nor work there, so go nuts.  The irony here is that you are lining the pockets of the very cops you hate.  Check it out…we get paid overtime to come to work and babysit the ignorant.  So, while it is mildly inconvenient and not a little irritating to have to leave our families for someone else’s childish behavior, we are getting PAID.

If you disagree with the verdict, I have no issue with that…so long as you can articulate why using actual facts.  If you want to argue law, I’m all for it.  If you want to break down the issue(s) at hand using actual witness testimony, that’s just fine with me. However, if you are all up in arms because an “unarmed 17-year-old is dead because of his hoodie”, you have left reality and landed square in stupidville.

Rant adjourned.

Feature image courtesy KTVU.

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9 thoughts on “The Zimmerman Verdict

  1. But, but, the media told me who was guilty and who I should root for! How could those jurors be so wrong???

  2. Well said, sir, well said. It frustrates me that people are angry at cops for doing their job and having their actions validated in a court of law. Personally I’m glad the court of public opinion can’t reach the courtroom.

  3. It never ceases to amaze me how many people out “there” call any killing of a human being a “murder”….although many homicides ARE justified, legal, excusable, etc….those people are just as you say…reacting on emotions and NOT on fact !

  4. This is laid out well. I wish that those who disagree with you and read it would not be hard headed and willing to change their opinion. The fact is, unfortunately, that this case is so polarizing that few people would.

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