The Wife’s Perspective

As you know, nearly a week ago, Ofr. Kenyon Youngstrom gave his life in the course of his duties.  I’ve told you how it affected me in my last two posts (11-99 and Standing in the Gap).

What I didn’t talk about was how it affected the Wife.  I won’t bother putting words in her mouth, I will simply redirect you to her blog and her post, Putting Our Hearts on The Line.  Here is an excerpt:

“But this post is to honor and thank those families out there who love someone in service. Your loved ones may put their lives on the line, but we put our hearts on the line. I thank you for supporting and encouraging those following their calling, even if it isn’t yours and even if it’s scary and uncomfortable at times. It’s God’s will for us, just as it is for them. Humbly, I thank you.”

If you were kind enough to share/forward my posts, please do the same with her post.  The amount of support I’ve gotten has been more help than I could ever begin to explain.  I know hearing from you lot will help her just as much.


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8 thoughts on “The Wife’s Perspective

  1. your wife is quite a talented writer, God bless her for doing what she does and supporting you in your calling.

  2. Since the tragedy that occurred Sep 4, I have subscribed to your blog. First off I want to thank you for just being a presence during a time of need. Your perspective and ability to put in words what seem to be my exact thoughts is uncanny. Just forwarding your blogs to friends and family gives me the ability to share in more ways that I could ever articulate on my own. That being said, I have taken some time to read some of your older posts and its been a blast. I’ve been LEO for 17 years and a motor for 15 of those years. You are a brother to me. We may never meet but you will always be my brother and our bond is not just as an LEO but more importantly eternally through our Savior. So I know now you wont be offended if I try to send you some cheer. You may have seen this before but watch it again. It always bring a chuckle to me and our First Responder Network buds should see the humor as well.

    Part of our healing process is getting back to work. Like you said, “Its what we do.” Only you know when that time is right. I stand in agreement when you say we must be open to talk with our spouses. Your wife and you have been able to bless us with your written words. It’s my pleasure to bless you and your family in return with words of prayer. Of course my prayers are also extended to Officer Youngstrom’s family as well.

  3. Back when the four Oakland officers were killed Mrs. Smith was having a really hard time of it. She began searching out a support system to complement the support she gets from our families.

    What she found was

    Since she joined this web site she has made a number of close friends who truly understand what she is feeling and thinking, because they are all thinking and feeling the same things. It is a great resource for those who have to live with those of us who serve.

  4. Ever since I read your wife’s post I have repeated the words about putting our “hearts on the line” many times in my head and out loud. Beautifully written. This tragedy has stirred me to searching for actual connections in the bay area. Some network that involves LEOWs taking actual action to help support each other in times of need. I want to be involved. Thank you MC for your last few posts. Thank you for sharing the raw emotions of the moments you endure. If my husband is one of your brothers in blue, does that make me a sister in law? 🙂

    God Bless.

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