The Wave

No, not that wave. Sit down.

This one never fails to amuse me. I frequently tool around town on my motor or sit in one of about a dozen duck ponds. Often, people look at me as I roll by. Some of them look at me with a “cool bike” look on their face. Some of them glare. Kids smile and wave quite a bit (using all their fingers, thank you). Occasionally, parents will do the same. While they’re driving. Without their seatbelt.

Folks, I love the good natured “Hello” and “How’s it goin'”, but do yourself a favor, please. Unless you want a verbal greeting commemorated with a written reminder of our fated meeting, make sure you’re complying with those darn laws, will ya?

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4 thoughts on “The Wave

  1. To be fair, Tom, I just pulled this stock photo from the vastness of the interwebs…but your point is well taken!


  2. Dear MC,
    Oh, that's so funny.
    You know, life is a lot simpler in some ways for us civilians when we use mass transit. LOL.

    Ann T.

  3. The steering wheel is on the wrong side, too. *side eye*

    We had an elderly cop that directed traffic in front of the school that would wave back. After a few OH SH- incidents, we learned to stop waving.

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