The Vancouver Riots – A Front Line Response

riot policephoto © 2011 Charles de Jesus | more info (via: Wylio)I was not in Vancouver the night the Bruins won.  I’ve never been involved in a riot…on either side.  Still, I completely identified with the point of view of the officer that wrote this letter.

Here is another letter from an ER nurse written directly to a man that publicly apologized for his actions in the riot.  (His apology is printed at the bottom of her response letter.)

What amazed me most about the cop’s letter was his reference and deference to the “true heroes of Vancouver”.  The citizens that came out after all the rioters had either fled or been hooked up.  These people took to the streets, their streets, and got to cleaning up.

I love that imagery.  I love that a man who stood with a few hundred other first responders ready to defend their city from unruly, uncaring, drunken hordes was touched by a man pushing a broom.  You, sir, are a class act and I’m proud to call you a brother-in-arms.

Thanks to Karen Davidson for posting these links on the Facebook Fan Page.  It’s people like you, Karen, that make me so proud to be a part of the community here at MCPD.  Thanks for taking the time to share these stories!

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2 thoughts on “The Vancouver Riots – A Front Line Response

  1. They are certainly two amazing letters that say it all. Thanks for posting the links.

  2. Two fantastic letters! At least not everyone in that city accepted that ridiculous apology.

    However, one positive did come out of the Vancouver riots:

    If that’s not Karma, I don’t know what is.

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