The secret is out!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

After tireless research (to be read: after f’n around on facebook), I discovered the following video. Happy Medic’s claims of how demanding his job is and little down time he has whilst on duty are rubbish. Here’s the proof:

What do you have to say for yourself, HM?

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4 thoughts on “The secret is out!

  1. Of course they have no downtime; perfecting moves like that takes effort and commitment! Gotta maintain that "chick magnet" thing – isn't it in the official job description? I work half a block from the FD, might start hangin' out there on my lunch breaks…

  2. Man oh man, I didn't think you'd go there, MC. Do I really have to remind everyone of the ORIGINAL Motor Cop?
    I think I do.

  3. Whatever, Bitter Betty.

    You cut me to the quick since I used to work at the Y. Coincidence? Methinks not.

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