The Look

I love The Look. Don’t know what I’m talking about? It’s the one where you know I saw what you did. I know you know I saw what you did.

Instead of hassling with a traffic stop (maybe traffic is too heavy…yeah, sure, I’m on a motor, remember? More likely, I’m headed to lunch and just don’t want to bother), I slow down as we pass one another.

I turn my head to gaze in your direction. So what if I’m wearing shades, you know I’m staring into the back of your head. We make eye contact and I send my heartless stare deep into your very soul. You quickly acknowledge your obvious dereliction of driving, bow your head in obeisance, raise your hand in deference and humbly, albeit non-verbally, admit you suck at operating a motor vehicle.
I solemnly shake my head in disappointment, but benevolently allow you to proceed about your day.
That Look.
(I’m a Dad and a Motor. Man, my Kids are screwed.)

Question: Have you been either the Looker or the Lookee? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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11 thoughts on “The Look

  1. LMAO! Poor kids! I worry mine will find this out with their own dad. I lived past it all, but that look was a killer. Yes, I wish he would have taken away my Tv, Phone, anything but The look

  2. ha!! I Think alot of officers are blessed with that "look". Ex-FIL used to give it to me sometimes. Very good LEO friend gives it to me ALL of the time. Which usually results in the nearest projectile being launched at his head (Pillows usually, the occasional stuffed toy, or small child…).

    LOL I hope you don't have girls because they'll never her boyfriends in the front door!


  3. Thanks for bringing a smile to my dial MC. I'm so glad you use your powers for good and not for evil. Who knows what would happen if you gave the look without the shades. Scary stuff.

  4. You are my hero!

    Wish me luck getting my first LEO position, part time in a small town. 2 week academy.

  5. That's hilarious and quite timely. I just got that look a few days ago…I'm usually not thinking about how much I suck at operating a motor vehicle (or how I think that speed limits are sometimes too slow) but usually counting my blessings that said cop is otherwise occupied/too lazy to pull me over. "The Look" is a good thing!

  6. I have been contemplating a post on this very topic, but you beat me to it. Since it's you, I'll let it slide.

    Sometimes lunch is more important than a car stop. Especially when you've already been redirected from your "Code" twice by other, more blatantly ignorant drivers.

    Traffic cops are humans too (even if their "compassion" was surgically removed when they got the job) and they have to fuel their human shells just like anybody else.

  7. Got this yesterday when I was so wrapped up in a phone call (strike 1) I rolled through a parking lot stop sign (strike 2), saw the SUV with lights attached, and dropped the phone in order to fight with my seat belt (strike 3), which I still hadn’t buckled at the stop sign. I was guilty at least thrice, and waited to get pulled over.

    Luck would have it, I was driving SO’s car with the Disabled Veteran plates. The officer pulled up next to me at the light and gave me the same look of pitying disgust I get from SO when I fail to follow the domestic OpSec rules.

    It wasn’t quite grace. There was too much of the disappointed husband in it…can only assume his wife’s had a few tickets for total stupidity 😉

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