The jig is up!

Look out, people….big brother is on to us!!!

I was recently advised by a reader (thank you, Aaron!) that a CBS media type has linked to this very site! Brittney Gilbert is the young lady responsible for CBS 5’s look at Bay Area blogs. Right from the source:

Eye on Blogs aims to be a one-stop source for hot topics and discussions happening on Bay Area blogs. We sift through hundreds of sites on a daily basis, offering up links to and commentary on the brightest, funniest, most engaging posts made by local bloggers, while providing a place to interact and converse about the issues of the day.

Initially, all I was able to find was a minor blurb in one of her posts where there were a number of other selections to choose from. I still thought it was pretty damn cool. I called the Wife to tell her about it. Being the industrious little monkey that she is, she hopped on the site and found a few more mentions…only this time, they were solely in regards to my blog.

I thought it was cool enough to begin with, but now I thought it was truly awesome. I saw a post on Miss Gilbert’s site in regards to the smoker post. My thought was “Holy shit…I just posted this one this morning!” Well now I was even more curious about Miss Gilbert. I googled her and found her very own blog. (And just an aside here…I have become more comfortable with the word ‘blog’, but googling just sounds dirty.) And being a firm believer in spreading the wealth, I wanted to apprise you lot of her work. She is more educated and more experienced than I in the blogosphere. I was going to say she’s prettier as well, but, hey, come on. I’m a Motor. We’re prettier. 😉

I was honored to be included and just wanted to send my virtual thanks for being counted amongst what I assume to be a vast number of blogs in the Bay Area. Oh, and I apologize for eventually offending you…Man, I couldn’t pull that off without laughing. It’s hard to laugh and type.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic. Snark is encouraged. Being a prat is not.

4 thoughts on “The jig is up!

  1. Damn right we're prettier!

    Why do motorcops always pass by a pretty girl twice?

    To give her a better look!!!

  2. To: MC and Fellow MC,

    I leave you my song. I think you two need it more than I. Besides, we all know that God created Firemen to give Cops heros.

    I kid, I kid… 🙂

  3. Doctor, you ever seen the youtube series policeman vs. fireman? Funnier than shit.

  4. Damn, I go a few days without catching up on reading, and look what happens. At least Road Doc. has already posted what I was thinking.

    Hmmm, what's better than a motor or a fireman? A FireLady on a harley!

    And those youtube videos are awesome.

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