The First Responder’s Answer to a Supergroup

Remember when Tommy Shaw of Styx, Jack Blades of Night Ranger, and Ted Nugent of, well, Ted Nugent formed Damn Yankees?

Okay….how about when former GnR members Slash, Duff McKagan, and Matt Sorum, and STP frontman and erstwhile (supposedly) druggie Scott Weiland formed Velvet Revolver?
That a little more current for you? Well, I present to you the newest Supergroup on the scene. At least a First Responder’s answer to it…

MC and HM joined forces! The world will now know a whole new kind of Police/EMS service!

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4 thoughts on “The First Responder’s Answer to a Supergroup

  1. Looks like they got heath care overhaul fist… bet ours will feel like that too… Officer

  2. Ahh, there's nothing like hot tea in the nasal passages in the morning to wake a body up. Thanks for sharing this gem!

  3. Immediate response to 911 abuse. What's that you say? You need an ambluance because you drank too much?

    While listening to Edmonton EMS dispatch a couple of days ago. The dispatcher sent paramedics on a call because the caller said he drank too much. The paramedic responded by asking what the problem was. Dispatcher replied "He drank too much. That it."

    Guess 911 (or 999) abuse happens everywhere!!

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