The Family that Speeds Together…

…has ridiculous insurance rates.

And gets to meet a very charming motorcop.

Just a couple weeks ago, I was sitting in one of my spots and I stopped a gentleman for exceeding the posted speed limit.  He was 16 miles over in a residential area.  He was polite and we went our separate ways quickly.  Him having signed the promise to appear (the softer, gentler term for ticket) and me with another stat in my pocket.

Not twenty minutes later, I met his better, if not faster, half.While 16 over the posted speed is moving at a decent clip, she was 22 over.  Not so bad when you think of your typical freeway speeds, but pretty egregious when it’s a 25 mph zone.  I did my usual “Do you know why I stopped you” and “Can I see your license, registration and insurance, please” rigamarole.

It wasn’t until I had her license in hand the I saw the last name and the address.  Now, I don’t claim to have the memory of an elephant, but I’d be pretty hard up if I couldn’t recognize two folks with the same last name and address inside of ten minutes of one another.

I wrote out her ticket and walked back to her car.

MC: Afraid I have more bad news for you, Mrs. Gonzales.

Mrs. G: What’s that?

MC: Seems it’s been a bad day for the Gonzales clan.  I met Mr. Gonzales about ten minutes ago.  He was speeding as well…just not as fast as you.

Lucky for the Gonzales’s neither of them had been to traffic school in the last 18 months, so they dodged a pretty big insurance bullet with that one.

But they made me smile.  So there’s that.

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17 thoughts on “The Family that Speeds Together…

  1. this reminds me of my uncle, aunt and 2 cousins they each got a ticket all in one day – uncle got cited for speeding, aunt for running a red light, and both cousins were also cited for speeding. the icing on the cake they were all cited by the same officer. it totally made my week when that happened since they’re all so anti law enforcement. oh yeah they all fought their tickets and they all lost (i was so intrigued that i went to traffic court with them to see it – PRICELESS)

  2. In the state I just moved from, 16 and 22 mph over would have been 6 point violation and all the points may not be erased by attending driving school. How many points is it in your state? And how many points can be erased by attending driving school?

      • This is completely off topic but I just noticed that you read Jon Acuff’s blog. Since you like him you may also enjoy, The Wally Show podcast. (It’s a podcast of a Christian radio show based in Nashville and Jon Acuff does a segment on the show every other week. If you don’t like stereotypical Christian radio stations, you will probably like this show)

    • CarrieAnn: Here in CA, no violation carries more than two points. Most traffic charges carry a one point penalty, while serious stuff like DUI, running over a police officer, or driving over 100mph carry two points. One point violations are usually no big deal, but it’s not unusual for two-pointers to get your insurance to double, if not cancelled outright.

      • Interesting. In Kentucky, the minor violations are 3 points and then there are 6 point violations. If you get 12 points in a 2 year period your license is suspended. DUI, reckless driving, etc…. are all 12 point violations.

  3. That had a better ending than I expected. I thought Mrs. G. was going to say something like “Ten minutes ago? Wait until I ask him why he didn’t show up.”

  4. It would have been interesting to hear their dinnertime conversation that night. Methinks you would have recieved a generous mention.

    • Especially once the bills from court arrive and add up to $500+. I got a ticket on the 4th of July and got written up for just 10 over by a patrol officer (I hit the brakes before he got a pace on me), and even that is $244 to eat the point or $289 to do traffic school. Oh well, it’s not the first time I’ve beaten a ticket in court…

      • Ugh, scratch my last post. That bill will be at least $700, and maybe $800+ if both of the accused choose to take traffic school in lieu of contesting the charges.

  5. MC – I’ve been reading your blog for years and enjoying it! Just this past weekend, I got pulled over for speeding (59 in a 45) for the first time in over 20 years. The officer asked me the standard questions, where are you headed, do you know why I stopped you, how fast you were going, etc. I replied with the truth – “I was driving home from the grocery store”. And then I said “I got nothing for you”. I was fully prepared to accept responsibility for going over the speed limit and I was still planning on thanking him for all he does every day (THIS particular day, it was going to be 106 deg in Atlanta). It galls me to no end to see all the different excuses/bad attitudes you have blogged about. PEOPLE – if you break the law, be prepared to PAY for it.
    This very kind officer gave me a written warning instead of a ticket.

  6. I was pulled over once for NOT speeding. The cop asked me why I was driving so slowly (I was doing a little under 35 in a 35). I politely responded “Two reasons. 1. I’m not in any hurry, and 2. I already pay enough in taxes, and I’m not about to donate any more.” I never did figure out why I was stopped. Could have been the “Don’t Tread On Me” bumper sticker, but of course, no cop would ever admit that.

  7. A neighbor of mine was a police officer and was known for being very strict and giving out lots of speeding tickets (the news even did a report on him). One day he gave his wife a ticket for speeding.

  8. A friend has a very similar story. She got both Dad and Son. Except she was working an undercover prostitution detail. Dad was being processed when they brought the son back. Now talk about interesting dinner conversation!

  9. I’ve been reading your blog for about 15 minutes, and I think it’s hilarious! I mean, “you deserved it…” that’s gotta be some pretty heavy sarcasm, right? Even my pal who’s been a cop for 10+ years says, “Oh yeah, if I want to pull you over I’ll find a reason to do it.”

    Funny thing about that — many years ago I was driving along with my girlfriend on a country road in a completely noncriminal manner when I got red n blue in the rearview. The cop said there had been a report about some mischief, a couple kids in a car that looked kinda like a Mustang, took my papers, wasted my time for a while, gave ’em back and let me go. Never made an accusation. Last year I was doing ridealong with my cop pal, and he came upon some guy and gave him the exact same nonsense — even used the “Mustang” line. Huh. Wonder if we deserved it.

    Once upon a time I got pulled over TWICE in the same day for having a headlight out. If your response to that is, “Well, that’s illegal and you deserved it,” why isn’t every cop bothering every perdiddle driver? We all know they’re not.

    I once got pulled over for having a small crack in my taillight. Isn’t that marvelous? We can sleep easy in my town knowing only a few dozen drug deals went down and only a handful of wife beatings occurred in the time it took to whine about my light.

    I once got pulled over by a cop who said I merged onto a desolate freeway a little too quickly. No lie. I was outright rude to him, because we all know he didn’t give a damn how I merged. He just found a stupid excuse to harass me. No ticket. When he ultimately gave me his dumb little line about being a little more careful I said, “Slow night, huh?” and drove away peeved.

    Another time I was coming home late from work in my old half-renovated Impala when a cop pulled me over and asked me if I’d come to a complete stop at that intersection back there. I told him I did and that the car was pretty fast, which might account for not seeming like I’d stopped. He then mentioned that the stop sign wasn’t actually in his view at the time anyway. So he’d just admitted his basis for pulling me over was no basis at all. Thanks for wasting my time.

    You see, the common element here is that I like driving old beater cars. Cops spot me and assume I’m drunk or have no insurance, so they find some jackass excuse to harass me…which, by the way, does not meet the definition of “deserving it,” (but probably fits the definition of “profiling”) especially since I always have insurance and I’ve never had a beer in my life, which makes being drunk kinda unlikely.

    So I’m just going to assume “you deserved it” is tongue-in-cheek…instead of being a heaping pile of self-righteous cow crap.

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