I work with and around some characters. You know who you are. Characters use colorful language. I, myself, am a character. (This is mostly a warning for you, Mom). There will be R-rated language involved with this blog. I’m a cop. We swear. Deal. ‘Nuff said.

I get wordy. Not sure that is a word, but it should be. The Wife can attest to my verbosity. Now, I know that is a word. From time to time, things happen at work that piss me off. When I get pissed off, I tend to run off at the mouth. I type faster than I talk. Figure it out.

If, by some glorious twist of fate, you stumbled across this blog and you happen to be someone I stopped and cited, this is what I really wanted to say, “Holy shit, I can’t believe you just (insert violation here). You suck at driving.  Oh, you’ll see me in court?  Can you make it a Monday?  That’s my day off.  If you make it a Monday, I’ll get paid overtime to beat you! MUAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!” At which point, in a perfect world, fire would come out of the tailpipe of my bike as I speed away to violate someone else’s civil rights.

Disclaimer #3 is only partially true.

Disclaimer #4 is bullshit.

The entirety of this blog is meant to edutain (a recent bastardization-mashup of educate and entertain).  The things I write are primarily written with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek.  What follows is meant to give you an insider’s view of the world of law enforcement.  More specifically, that world from the vantage point of two wheels.  Nothing that stems from this blog should be taken as gospel.  What I write is my opinion.  It does not represent my department’s polices and/or procedures unless expressly stated.



Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic. Snark is encouraged. Being a prat is not.

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