The Crossover

In the spirit of Medic 999’s “The Handover” Blog Carnival, HM and I have agreed to release the reigns of our respective domains. Happy will guest host a post here and I will dominate HMHQ.

Why in the hell would we do such a thing? Well, frankly, we’ve both got some shit to say to our respective comrades across the aisle, if you will. Some of it may be critical and some of it may be light-hearted. All of it, however, will be (as per usual) educational, entertaining, and from the heart.

Police and Fire have had a long-standing and time-honored tradition of giving one another a hard time. At the end of the day, we both joined our respective service because we felt a need to help others. That is truly the spirit in which Happy and I write and why we feel confident in giving over control to the other.

The first post will be scheduled very soon…so stay tuned!