The Crossover Show – Episode 39 – Let’s Mug That Cop!

This week, your hosts dive back into the cavity search (pause of rimshot), talk about why firefighters are so angry at cops that they attempt to mug them, MC goes off on another rant about robbery vs. burglary, and why jail deputies have The Worst Job Ever.

Here are the links to some of the stories we talked about.  You know, so you don’t think we just make this silly shit up.

Is that a revolver in your vagina or are you just happy to see…oh, nope, it’s a revolver.

Let this be a lesson, ladies.  Don’t get pulled over in Texas.  They like to get freaky.

Skinny dipper distracts homeowner while boyfriend BURGLARIZES the home.

FDNY tries to mug NYPD.  Seriously.

Maybe you should listen to your spouse if she suggest marriage counseling.

Be sure to join us (nearly) every Thursday at 8 pm Left Coast time for another episode!  I will post the link on the Facebook page after we go live or you can watch via Happy Medic’s YouTube page.


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  1. Enjoying your show, btw. Wish I could join all of you. The beer, especially. 🙂

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