The Crossover Show – Ep. 37 Writer Sean Lynch

Writer and former cop, Sean Lynch, stops in to discuss his new book Wounded Prey and gives an inside look to being an officer in one of the most mentally and morally challenging aspects of police work: Sex crimes.  Monday on the blog, I’ll be featuring a review of Wounded Prey as well as launching a contest in which you can win a signed copy!

But don’t worry friends of the show, the second 30 minutes includes our live panel discussing naked people using mass transit and our favorite game “What? Too soon?”

Speaking of naked people using mass transit, check out the wackiness that is the Bay Area Rapid Transit system at its, well, wackiest.  Be forewarned, NSFW.  Did you see anything wrong with BART PD’s response?

We also talk about a touching story out of Colorado Springs.

As per usual, we’ll be back every Thursday at 2000 hrs Left Coast time for more shenanigans! Be sure to tune to the Happy Medic YouTube page or keep an eye on the Facebook page for a link to join the show!

Until next Thursday…Cheers!