The Crossover Show – Ep. 33 We go down..Under. We go Down Under.

Nick from Australia checks in from Station and he and his mates chime in with the Auzzie perspective on a number of stories including the NYPD cop stuck in a tree, a naked man on a Prince George’s ladder truck and some other important stories. No, really, super important. Live Thursday evenings 8pm Pacific on Google Hangout. Find a link when we go live on my Facebook page.

Before you jump into the show, check out the following stories to key in to what we discuss:

Cotati PD in California force entry and use taser on possible domestic violence call.

NYPD officer rescued by FDNY.  Just read it…I can’t bear to explain further.

NTSB considers lowering DUI level to .05.

LAPD traffic stop leads to multiple explosives.

K9 Handler and his K9, Jack, get 14.5 lbs of crank.

Still Thursdays at 8 PM Pacific. If the hangout is full, visit Happy’s YouTube page to watch live!  You can also catch older episodes of The Crossover Show here as well!

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