The Crossover Show ep. 22 – Now LIVE!

For those of you new to the blog or to MCPD, you might not be aware that I’ve got this buddy on the dark, er, Fire side of the world.  One Happy Medic.

Our history is long.  Like creepy long, but that’s a story for another time.

At any rate, we used to do this little podcast over on iTunes.  The last show we did was six friggin’ months ago. Well, we had enough of that.  We felt inspired to kick off a new, re-imagined, show.  Each Thursday, on most Thursdays, we will be hanging out via Google+.  That’s right, folks…I appear on video!  Your questions will all be answered.* The show will be simulcast via Happy’s YouTube page and then we’ll post it on our respective blogs, FB pages, Twitter feeds, wherever we can because we’re whores.

So, without further ado, the boys are back!

*No guarantees that your questions get answered.  But, yes, my hair is THAT awesome.

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