The Crossover Show – 044

The Bizarro San Francisco Board of Supervisors. It's the only explanation.

crossover logoIn this week’s episode, HM and MC talk about a recent decision by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to have a “day or remembrance” for Mario Woods. Don’t know who he is? Listen to the show or, you know, hit up Google.

Anywho, both MC and HM take umbrage with the Board of Supervisors in the city of San Francisco. HM, being the gentlemen lays some of the responsibility on himself as a member of the community; MC, on the other hand, takes a different road and extrapolates the Board’s decision to be endemic of the culture at large.

What’s your take?


You Make the Call by The Happy Medic *Coming Soon!*


The Crossover Show – 034

The Silent Majority

(For the record, it appears MC’s use of “egalitarian” would have sufficed…but “magnanimous” works, too. And both HM and MC called Denver winning SuperBowl 50!)